Customers besiege Arik Air office for refund


 It is no more news that Arik  Air has been taken over by an agency of the Federal Government, Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON).

 The take over took place on February 9, 2017 when the management of the airline were told to vacate their position because of close to N320 billion debts.

 Since the take over, there has been a lot of problems in the company, ranging from non payment of 8 months salary and allowances to workers, non disclosure of numbers of aircraft functioning home and abroad, how many aircraft is fit to carry passengers with all the e checks and struggling to pay refund to customers who bought tickets online and those who paid cash whose flights were cancelled both local and international flights. For the past one month now that AMCON took over the operations of the company, huge amount of money were to be paid to customers which was not forthcoming as at the time WETERN POST paid an unschedule visit to the office of Arik at the local Airport on Tuesday to make some enquiries, about 30 people were seen in the small office threathning fire and brimestone that they wanted their refund as fast as possible. All their efforts were futile when a young lady and one of the staff said they should write their details down in a sheet of paper so as to fast track the payments but some said it is just a way of dispersing crowd in the office, they had filled the form on three occassions up till yesterday they have not gotten any alert or information on the detailed information giving to the people attending to them.

 The question now is, Since AMCON has taken over the airline, what are they doing to solve this problems, they should have gotten a plan B for those who will come for their refund, how long will it take them to refund money collected from these travellers, one week, one month or even two months, they should be specific not posting people who had lost a lot of money buying Arik ticket.  If not for the intervention of a senior officer at the refund office yesterday, it would have been a fight to finish with those who have to travel abroad this week with another airline who want their refund paid immediately.


 From the look of things, a source from the airline said the refund is about N300 million while salaries and allowances being owed was in the range of N250 million.

 AMCON should intervene quickly so that aggrieved customers may not take laws into their own hands despite all the security network placed by Arik at  their office entrance.




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