Kogi Organised Labour Dares Govt, Commences Indefinite Strike

By: Wale Ibrahim, Lokoja

Following the expiration of seven days strike ultimatum by organised Labour in Kogi State, the civil servants at the State level have been directed to embark on an indefinite industrial action following the of the Government to the workers demand.

Addressing the journalists in Lokoja at end joint meeting of Labour unions and joint position taken,  the Chairman of Trade Union Congress (TUC), Comrade Ranti Ojo said the position of the Labour is to resume the suspended strike.

He explained that the Joint session session of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and Public Service Joint Negotiating Council (PSJNC) rising from a meeting held on September 21st resolved to resume the earlier suspended indefinite strike from Friday 22nd September 2017.

“Comrades we went to solemnly let you that this is the only life line left for workers in Kogi negotiate their survival in the hands of government.This is because never in the history of our state has civil servants recorded the massive hinges induced death as being witnesses currently not to talk of the trauma,anguish,pains, sickness penury truncation of Children’s education huge unsettlethat  house rent, medical bill etc that workers and pensioner are currently experiencing. We must rise against this now or never.”


He pointed out that the white paper  on the screening being currently implemented is aim at achieving massive retrenchment of workers precisely all those in directorate cadre and civil servants that have 5 years and below.

In a bulletine No 14 of 21 September 21st, 2017 , jointly signed by all the union leaders.The Labour state stated that in the light of above,  the fidelity to this struggle is non negotiable.

“We are remain committed to our demands in our letters to the State Government with Reference No.NLC /TUC/PSJC /KGS001/ 09 dated 13th septemper 2017.”

The Labour therefore directed all civil servants to stay away from goverment offices establishments,  institutions and facilities.

You are to ignore and discounternance all the threat and intimidations and black mail from government quarters as escapade of tyrant can only be checked by courage perseverance and resoluteness.

“All Muslims civil servants are directed to pray in the mosques  on Friday,  while Christian civil servants are to prat in the churches on Sunday for God to protect our Labour leaders and entire workers in the course of the struggle.

“Finally comrades remain calm law abiding and prayerful but be prepared to stay at home till eternity,if it takes the government eternity to meet all our demands.”

In related the development, the State NUGLE chairman, Comrade Tade Adeyemi and and his NUT counterpart had vowed to join the industrial action on 27th September 2017 if the STate government fails to meet their demands.



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