SunShine Stars’ Fans Cry Out Over Banishment to Ijebu-Ode

The fans of Sunshine Stars are already causing the day they engaged in violence to incure the wrath of Premier League governing body the League Management Company (LMC).

The Akure Gunners would tomorrow engage Gombe United in the week 25 match day to determine who runs away with the three points at stake.

For failure to control the players in breach of Rule C9, the club was fined N750,000 while another fine of N250,000 was imposed on the club as compensation to the assaulted Assistant Referee pursuant Rule C12 and this will be in addition to payment of any additional certified medi- cal expenses incurred by the Referee.

In a bold move to enforce regulations and come down hard on unruliness of players, club officials and violent fans, the LMC ruled that “in view of the breach of the ‘closed door’ order, and upon consider- ation of the provisions of Rule B4.7 (over- riding considerations and general public interest), an order is hereby made moving Sunshine Stars to the Otunba Dipo Dina, Stadium, Ijebu-Ode for its home matches henceforth and until further notice.”

The matches will be played under closed doors until the LMC is satisfied that the club can guaranty security at its games and also control the unruly supporters.


The LMC reiterated that Sunshine Stars must be seen to have complied with earlier orders for the Club’s home matches to be played behind closed doors and the requirement for revised and satisfactory safety and security measures to be put in place before the Akure Township Stadium is re-admitted to host NPFL matches.

The LMC further warned the club that should there be similar breaches or disturbances, the suspended three points deduction will be implemented.

Sunshine Stars were also charged for breaches of Rule C9 and C1.2.1.6 while goal- keeper, Ariyo was charged for assault on an assistant referee contrary to Rule C11 of the NPFL Framework and Rules.



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