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10 Facts Every Teenager Should Know


The thing about youth is that gives you the luxury of learning and making mistakes in the process. Being at your teenage years simply means you are at your rawest form of becoming who you are meant to be, before experiences and implied principles comes in. Here are things every teenager should know before crossing the threshold of adulthood.

Act like Your Age: I find it troubling when young people are so eager to get older, am not saying you should act too childish but live life care free, enjoy the freedom and pardon that comes with being young. Just don’t try to act too old or stuck up, it really sucks the fun out of things. To be honest when you are older you would wish you had all those fun moments life offered you

Truth moment; there is nothing so incredible about being older, you might see it as being independent and amazing but it comes with responsibilities for you welfare and others, your mistakes wouldn’t be spared so easily

You have a Lot to learn; When you have this mind set, your mind opens up to many possibilities. Your intellectual capacity broadens. Learn as much as you can, your brain and mind is fresh, and quite eager to accumulate. Don’t be amazed when you realize you actually brilliant than you think.  “Why reach for the stars when there are footprints on the moon”

Life is Unfair: Sometimes you learn that life is not fair to all, even though you’ve worked hard for something and don’t get it in the end. Its ok to feel disappointed but don’t let your spirit suffer from this, great things will come your way. Hold on to your dreams and never let go

Be Kind: This is important, being kind to others and also to those who don’t understand what kindness means, is the core concept of humanity. They might even learn from you and extend the same act unto others. If you think about it well, you didn’t show kindness to just one person, it extends way beyond that.

Peer Pressure: You have to be careful about the friends you keep, I know they are fun and they are your mate and you want to impress them. You have learn not to please them at all cost. Do things at your own time and be comfortable with yourself. Don’t let anyone define who you are or what you should dress and look like. When you grow much older you realize this is the foundation of happiness

Fantasy Is Different From Reality: the things you fantasize about most times don’t manifest in reality, real life has its process and methods, if you are persistent enough the things you dream or are passionate about will come true and it will be more exciting that you’ve imagined. Life will always surprise you even when you are old.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Your Parents: they might not understand the way you are feeling or don’t see the way you perceive thing but don’t forget they were once teenagers and they’ve gone through the same process. I know you might be asking “then why are they difficult?” the reason is they are trying to protect you from the mistakes they’ve made, true they can’t protect you from everything but they gotta try. Listen to them and try to explain things to better, who knows they might understand you this time.

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Advice: being a teenager can be quite confusing, it’s the time you discover yourself. There are moments you need to realize no man is an island, you can’t do it all on your own; no one can. Talk to an adult close to you and ask for advice

It’s Okay To be scared: to let you on a little secret, we grown-ups are scared sometimes. Scared of the unknown, the things we even know and the things that seem difficult. So its okay you  are scared, you are human after all. Face your fears and do all you can to set things right.

You aren’t born perfect: we all make mistakes but don’t let that define you, the past is called “the past” for a reason, and it stays behind. You make mistakes, so learn from it and don’t forget to learn from other people’s mistakes. It will save you from unnecessary heart aches and trouble

Be you!


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