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10 Reasons Writing is Better than Sex


(1) Writing:  You can be witty and make people laugh. Sex: Comedy is basically forbidden.

(2) Writing:  Work on your piece over time; tweak it and perfect it. Sex: You get one opportunity; own it or blow it.

(3) Writing:  An editor can help you. Sex: Your performance is squarely up to you.

(4) Writing:  Published writing exists for eternity. Sex: Sex is quickly forgotten.

(5) Writing:  You can earn money from it. Sex: Unless you are a prostitute, you won’t earn a dollar.

(6) Writing:  Writing is satisfying from start to finish.

Sex:  Sex can be satisfying, but the good part is fleeting.

(7) Writing:  Writing can express a gauntlet of emotions. Sex: Sex is limited to pleasure and shame.

(8) Writing:  For the holy minded, God doesn’t care much about what you write about. Sex: God is damn restrictive. You must be married and not too experimental as to your choice of partner.

(9) Writing:  Humans are the only species who can write. Sex: Even mosquitoes have sex.

(10) Writing:  The worst thing that can happen is criticism. Sex: STD, anyone?

•Source: https://geediting.com/blog/10-reasons-writing-better-sex/


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