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10 Skills Every Man Should Possess




Some have the preconcieved notion that being a man has to do with only the physical attributes but you should be informed, as much as you got the physical or biological conformity of a man, its important you learn the skills and character of a man (it completes the whole package). Here are 10 skills every man should possess.

 Be a gentleman: Some may think chivalry is dead but you can try to keep it alive by always being the perfect gentleman. Hold out the chair, give a tip and flirt with the right amount of flair.

Change a tyre: Men don’t always have the luxury of having others stop to help with their flats, women have  better chances. In a nutshell, put the parking brake and hazard lights on is key. Good! Now get your car jack then remove the hubcap. Done that? Loosen the lug nuts, also jack up the car. Remove the lug nuts followed by the flat tyre; put the new tyre onto the wheel studs, then put the lug nuts back, and make sure they’re screwed on tight.

Set the mood; Get some candles and incense going (if you have a fireplace, that works too) put on some light jazz, R&B, or soul music to set the perfect atmosphere, and do remember to proceed slowly.

Undo a bra; First step you put your hands under her shirt. Now remember that a bra is clipped with hooks, opposed to a button or zip. Simply take the two parts at the back of the bra — near the center — and push them together to unhook. Be precise!

Knot a tie: Learn how to knot a tie, it is for those important business meetings or formal affairs. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to do it while getting ready, so you don’t have to rush and mess things up.

Get into a nightclub: Sometimes you need to prove got have that much charm as you claim, just to impress your date. Getting into a nightclub may sound easy, but if you’re insecure or too pushy, then you’ll stay at the back of the line all night — while your date has made her way in.

Learn how to cook: Ask any girl in the world, there is nothing more attractive than a guy who handles himself in the kitchen. Talk about a man with many capabilities, it shows your girlfriend how independent you are and don’t have to wait on her to feed your stomach.

Do the laundry: Doing the laundry is something you have to resort to, unless you’re prepared to pay hefty dry cleaning bills. Gather up your clothes, separate the whites from the darks, and do some soaking (not for too long but to make washing easier, if you are washing manually). Make sure to read labels and check that no special care is required. Follow your washing machine instructions and place your clothes in the dryer after washing. For more delicate pieces that may shrink, hang or lay flat to dry.

Cure a hangover: If your bar is really well-stocked, then you may need to learn how to avoid a hangover, and how to treat it in case you lose track of your shots. All it takes is the ability to know your limits and pace yourself.

Manage stress: Put things into perspective and take things one day at a time. Improve your time-management skills and get into the habit of taking long breaths. If you’re the boss of a corporation and you lose control when you’re stressed, you’ll look weak. Toughen up!!!


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