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11 Problems Women With Big Booty Understand!


Big booty is a new trend people can’t get enough of and everyone is trying their best to boost their assets behind, but here are some problems many never considers.

Finding a pair of trousers or jeans that clings perfectly to your derriere, and not only that but also finding your exact waist line. Whew!!! Talk about stress.

You envy girls who indulge in online shopping, it is almost impossible to place your order cause your size are always off, you a ten then a 16 in another material, it can get exhausting and you never know what you are going to get. Those kinds of thing take away the fun from shopping.

You begin to appreciate materials like lycra, taking advantage of the material anyway we can, cause of its elastic nature and capability of taking in all your bountiful behind.

When you wear a flattery dress and the hem behind hauls behind three inches up, it begins to look like you have stolen someone’s dress. It is lovely in the front and loco in the back. Things like that can frustrating.

Underwears are your best friends, you wear them so your ass does clap or jiggle without your permission. If you know what I mean (wink!)

Trying to fit into one of your favorite jeans and when it gets to the part of hauling it over your ass, one begins to hop like a kangaroo and wiggle like an earth worm. One may say it’s a hectic workout

Shorts makes you look as if you are trying too hard, skinny girls wear it and they look fab. It’s understandable you want to show some legs but you are restricted, thinking you might come out looking like a pimp. Tisk tisk… (shakes head)

It can cause a lot of unnecessary attention, long whistles and pet names that make you cringe in disgust. We all want attention but sometimes it could go over the top.

Rappers are always singing about big booties and what you are supposed to do with it; shake it, ukwu, twerk it, make it clap. Make it stop please!!!

When you are walking and the guys ahead of you stop talking till you pass by and they say stuff like “see wetin that girl carry”


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