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13 Life Lessons You Should Learn By Age of 30


Tomorrows isn’t guaranteed: Being in your twenties or late teens, life creates an illusion that allows you think you have all the time in the world.  Procrastination is the number one enemy, make sure you carry out the activities necessary “make haste while the sun shines” when you hit your thirties you begin to wonder where all the time went.

College is overrated: If you didn’t go to college and you feel left out or stigmatized, remember there are a lot of success stories about people who did not finish from school. Knowledge is more important than a degree. Keep learning, trust your gut, explore your strength and develop your weakness.

Parents are hypocrites and aren’t perfect: This rule applies to all humans, no one is perfect. I could remember when I was little I saw my mother as a symbol of perfection, most things she asked me not to do, she did them when she was at my age (laughs) So now I look back with a smug on my face, wishing I could go back I do them but I can’t. Experience shapes you into who you are, great advice, live your life!!!

Success takes time: It could look like some people have it easy or things have been handed over to them but let me tell you, nothing comes easy in life. There are sacrifices and challenges you will have to face before you become successful. So take a deep breath and work hard

Life isn’t fair: This aspect breaks my heart. Sometimes bad things happens to good people and you wonder why such experiences occur.(Don’t ask me I don’t have all the answers) So you expecting life to be fair at all times it is waste of time, fix the problems that bothers you and don’t forget its’s not what you know but how you apply them.

Everyone can’t like you: You can’t please everyone, at one point in your life on or before you are 30,  you will come to learn of this fact. No matter how successful you are or what you do, haters will always hate!

Respect is earned not given: Nothing in this world is ever handed to you for free; you gotta work your butt of just like the rest of us. If you want respect, then you gotta earn it. Earn your way through life!!!

Goals are important: A man with no purpose is left behind, stuck in the present, has no future and his past fades with time. Set goals for yourself, things that would wake or drag you out of bed in the morning, don’t limit yourself!

Take care of your body: Eat healthy and exercise your body, it’ll be worth it when age starts to tell on you.

You have to say no: Being Mr. “yes” will always land you in trouble, its okay to say no if you know you are not capable. Sometimes you need to be your own person and that means you are gonna say no and hurt some feelings along the way (well that’s life…shrugs)

Money isn’t important: When you are in your teens making money is the ultimate drive but as you grow you will realize it has to be more than the money, follow your passion. What you love doing gives you a purpose in life.

Learn to admit you are wrong: This is a great part of learning, you have to know when to admit you are wrong, that’s the only way you grow. You can’t always be right

Learn to forgive and forget: Forgiving someone is not all about the person most times, sometimes you should learn to forgive because if you don’t, it only means you are stuck in the past and you should realize it’s time to move on.

You tend to cherish your parents more: When you are young, you don’t have to a lot to worry about because your parent takes that responsibility. Someday you will come of age when establish your own family and just then you will realize parenting isn’t easy.


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