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Channels TV Interview: Olawunmi Was Invited, Not Declared Wanted, Says DIA, DHQ


The Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) has said that Navy Commodore Kunle Olawunmi (rtd) was not declared wanted following an interview he granted to Channels Television on alleged plans to Islamize the country.

This is even as the Defence Headquarters also said that Olawunmi was only invited to shed more light on information he provided during the television interview on tackling terrorism.

A senior DIA officer, who did not want his name mentioned, told PRNigeria that since the television interview, some senior retired and serving military officers have raised concern over the comment of Olawunmi.

“The DIA had no intention whatsoever to invite him until when other retired senior and serving officers, especially of the intelligence corps advised that he could assist the security service with vital information for counter-terrorism.

“The invitation was not even formal. It was a phone call by an officer that he knows. We have no reason whatsoever to declare him wanted when he knows how the system operates,” the officer said.

Speaking in the same vein, Director Defence Information (DDI), Major General Benjamin Sawyerr confirmed that the informal invitation was harmless.

Sawyerr said: “As a result of the information coming from intelligence circle, an officer in DIA invited retired Commodore Olawunmi to come over so that he can help with information that can assist in the fight against insurgency and terrorism.

“The DIA officer asked him to come on Tuesday so that he can even meet with the Chief of Defence Intelligence (CDI), Major General Samuel Adebayo. That was all.

“There was no letter or any formal invitation. It was an informal phone call. He just switched off his phone and started calling some media houses that he had been declared wanted.

“You are aware that the Chief of Defence Staff, General Lucky Irabor has been going on tours of geopolitical zones to meet with retired military officers to come up with information and ideas on how to tackle the myriad of security challenges in the country

“While we can not blame Commodore Olawunmi for not attending the South-west zone of the interactive sessions with the retired officer, he went on air in the public domain through a television channel with what he himself portrayed as sensitive classified information.

“If the military wanted to arrest somebody, it is the military police that do that. They wont even send any signal before one could be picked up….

“He could have been arrested the day or days after he made the broadcast since the system have what it takes to arrest anyone on its radar.

“He was not declared wanted and there isn’t any reason for his arrest as it is now.”

Olawunmi had said in the interview that he was among the people that helped bring Buhari to power.

“I was among the people that brought Buhari to government because I believed in him… I worked with him after we bring him to power in 2015.

“We had a lot of hope in him and we were ready to do anything for him… What he has turned out to over the years is shocking,” he had said.

He also accused some governors, ministers and Senators and Bureau De Change operators as being sponsors of Boko Haram which is also known to the government.

He insisted that the government is encouraging Islamization when he said that every Friday NDA and all government institutions opened their premises for Jumat prayers.

He said Muslims come on Friday for worship in military formations and later they become members of the mess who would later spy on the institution and plan their attacks.

He added that most of the sponsors of terrorism are known within the intelligence community and that the DHQ, DMI, DSS and Police intelligence knows the sponsors very well.

Channels TV Interview: Olawunmi Was Invited, Not Declared Wanted – DIA, DHQ


He said Buhari’s administration wants the government to be Islamised as the end game is to turn Nigeria into a Taliban type of country.





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