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OPINION: Ambode’s Epistle Of Propaganda Orchestrated To Halt Tinubu Ambition, By Kola Amzat


In what the ex-governor of Lagos state, Akin Ambode packaged as propaganda, which has been circulating in the social media, ostensibly geared at creating confusion in Lagos and also designed to casts doubts and aspersions on Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s presidency bid, he refused to mention how he cornered for himself and companies, some of the juicy contracts running into billions of naira like bus stops constructions across Lagos and others.

He bluntly didn’t deem it fit to include in that epistle how he cunningly engaged Visionscape to take over the functions of LAWMA, thereby throwing thousands of men and women who earn their living by working for the authority, into the unemployment market, a selfish decision that almost precipitate confusion and anarchy for Lagos APC, because those downtrodden  represented a key political bloc in the state.

Ambode refused to mention how he rendered all his commissioners redundant on account of his refusal to empower them to carry out responsibilities which ordinarily were meant for their offices.

Put succinctly, he was virtually in charge of all contracts and operational activities as the cabinet members were limited to a ridiculous approval limit. Of course, this almost set the tone for eruption of crisis in the party throughout the state as those commissioners were representatives of specific strong power blocs.

Even judging him by the 10 reasons he labored so much to justify for his removal in the epistle, it was a mistake of immeasurable proportion for the party to have allowed him to ascend the office of governor in the first place.

Having being inaugurated and having exhibiting all these traits in office, It also became a tragedy of gargantuan magnitude for the House of Assembly to have allowed him to complete his 4 years tenure by not impeaching him.

He simply acted like Emperor. No one does that in democracy. Democracy is a chain. Every joint connects with each other. So, as much as possible, all the joints must be continually oiled to bring stability and steadiness into governance.

Even those leaders with imperial political blocs, impregnable faithful and wider reach don’t do that, how much more Ambode with zero political base, zero war chest to win any election then and of course, with anonymous personality in the Lagos political sphere. Didn’t we know how he ascended?

Was it not in public domain how Asiwaju Tinubu spontaneously and mysteriously pronounced unto him that he would be the next governor of the state, taking over from the then incumbent governor who mandated him to bring his letter of resignation on issue not worthy of mentioning in this piece.

Before him, how many permanent secretaries had ascended the office of governor of Lagos State? What were his political precedents and antecedents before he ascended? Absolutely none!

How many elective offices did he hold before he was catapulted to the topmost office in Lagos, perhaps in Nigeria, apart from Nigerian presidency? None! How much millions did he have in his treasury before he became governor? Perhaps none!

Ambode completely forgot that his election into the office was wholly bankrolled by the party and AsiwajuTinubu. They called on him to part fund Osun election, he bluntly refused. Remarkably without him, APC triumphed. He’s completely naïve that, that’s the practice in democracy.

Even, how are the elections being funded at the centre? Is it not from the fund from strong agencies of government like NNPC, FIRS? Does any war chest comes from heaven or Bar beach? He was either oblivious of this or he’s just been mischievous.

Also in democracy, executive and legislative arms of government must work in harmony for, none of those players in government would suffer, and rather, it’s the citizenry that would continually be at the receiving end.

As much as possible, a visionary, result-oriented, people-centric, and resourceful as well as focus governor must as a matter of necessity strikes a balance by continually developing ingenious ways to attract the support of the legislative arm. If according to him, he refused their attempt to pad budgets, he didn’t tell the world the huge of concessions they granted onto him while he was in charge.

He refused to support Oshinowo’s senatorial election and Aregbesola’s re-election because, according to him they were not from Lagos. From where that audacity came onto him to pronounce they are not from Lagos?

Is he aware that it’s in the public domain that he himself has been adjudged by the public to have come from somewhere in Ondo State and that he’s just hiding under the camouflage of Epe for political gains? Is he also aware that Epe, Ikorodu, even Lagos Island and other few communities in the state have very strong affinity and historical heritage with the Ijebus? Indeed, if not for political benefits, Ikorodus, Epes are always comfortable when you refer to them as Ijebus.

Let me also put it across to Ambode that why did he supports his friend then, Senator Olamilekan Adeola’s second term as senator when it’s in public domain that he’s from Ilaro in Ogun State and chose to back out from the ambitions of Aregbesola and Oshinowo? Does he also have the effrontery to tell the iconic political figure Otunba Busura Alebiosu, Senator Mamora and quite a number of political figures in the state that they are not from Lagos?

If Alpha Beta requested that their professional charge or whichever charge should be increased, was their request for increase out of place and unjustified against the backdrop of exponential increase in revenue accruable to the state government from tax related matters on account of the company’s professional skills, ingenuity and wherewithal that has necessitated the increased revenue? As a Fellow of ICAN, did he need their clamouring for the enhancement before he grant it?

Did Tinubu’s Hitech that, according to him requested for concession of 4th Mainland Bridge qualified and had the capacity for the job or not? Are the state, federal and local governments constrained by the 1999 constitution as amended to always give construction jobs of whichever magnitude to Julius Berger and other foreign construction companies alone and not consider the indigenous firms at least those with capacity and technical know-how? If all the tiers of government have to behave like Ambode in denying local companies jobs, when would they grow and develop? When would they contribute their own quotas to the economy? And how would their personnel moves up the ladder?

Whoever advised Ambode to come out with this epistle of propaganda have succeeded in misleading him and have also finally bury his political life. He may not be able to wriggle out from it in this generation. If he thinks he would court public sympathy with this revelation, he has succeeded in attracting public opprobrium, condemnation, embarrassment and scorn so much that discerning minds would be asking: how did he navigate himself into the office of governor, in the first place, more so Lagos of all states?

If he also feels that he’s negatively impacting Asiwaju Tinubu’s aspiration, he needs to bury himself in shame and ignominy by now, as the political colossus is soaring like Eagles in that bid day in day out with supports coming from unexpected angles. Miyetth Allah, Atiku Abubakar and other prominent groups and personalities have continually been giving their tacit support all over the country. If Ambode hasn’t swallow his vomit by now, the world would soon see who will suffer.







































































Kola AMZAT (FCA, FCIB,  CTP, MBA)Lagos Based Financial Consultant



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