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16 Things You Must Do Before You Die!!!


Tree-of-lifeHere are 16 things you must do before you die

Make a bucket list: a bucket list, helps you analyze the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill and life experience you wish take part of before you die, death is inevitable and we will all die one day. “every man dies, but not ever man really lives”–William Ross. Do you ever dream of travelling to a particular country or having a car of your dreams, whatever your dreams and goals are; you can achieve them. Just make a bucket list to help keep your eyes on the prize, who knows your dreams can happen sooner than you expect. Your life doesn’t have to hang by a thread before making a list, why not start now! Life is beautiful, explore to its fullest!!!

Go on a road trip: there is something fascinating about going on a road trip (that is if you are not the type to get car sick) you get the firsthand experience of everything, feasting your eyes on wild scenery, the overwhelming flush of fresh air and changing of environment; can help soothe the mind. Try something new!

Live in a new country: I know you think of this as a stretch but trying to be flexible and finding out how it feels to live in another part of the country, can add a certain spunk to life; don’t be afraid to take calculated risk. If you ever think of travelling or moving, it should be somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. It could do you good!

Watch the most talked about movies: the damn movies people wouldn’t stop yapping about, the simple quotes your friends extract from these movies and just because you haven’t watched it yet, you feel left out. Go on! Find out what it is really about.

Learn a foreign language: this will make you interesting, be it French, Yoruba, Igbo or Spanish. Why limit yourself? Go out of your comfort zone and learn the language you’ve always wanted, there are apps that could help you learn a new language, anyone of your choosing (I don’t know about you but Spanish, Chinese and French is at the very top of my list)

Conquer a fear: are you afraid of the dark, or spiders, whatever it may be; try your absolute best to defeat one of your fears ( I know, easier said than done but think about it, you are the boss; you can make it happen) conquering a fear makes you feel more in control of your life and prepare you for the next adventure life may bring.

Take a week off: no cellphone, no work, no internet. Think you are up for the challenge? Cutting ties with the things that distract you and cause you stress (well…clears throat. You can leave the internet)

Take part in a city event: it could be a carnival, marathon or charity foundation. Make sure you try to take part in big events, don’t underestimate this. Having a sense of belonging is known to generate a feeling of wholeness, become a larger part of life. Don’t stay isolated. Have fun!

Try new foods: this is actually one of my favorite, food are gifts from the gods and man explored this to its fullest, one most not take this for granted (I am not saying you should eat basically anything) but try something new, you could like it or not but at least you will know how it taste like.

Make research on your family tree: there are new information that you aren’t aware of, evidence that could come into light, things you never knew was part of your being. It can be very rewarding to know your family tree, who knows you might have a rich aunt ready to spoil you with her wealth (shrugs)

Brighten someone’s day: it could be a cheerful note or a small gift, don’t be afraid to show compassion. It is what makes life so wonderful, share this feelings with others. Remember humanity is the core essence of life.

Read mind blowing books: there are a couple of books that will take you to paradise and reveal worlds you never thought existed, be sure to find your favorite genre and explore it.

Karaoke, a must!!!: I know a lot might dread this but it isn’t as bad as you think, it’s another way of releasing stress. You might not have a wonderful voice but sing anyways, who cares? Just let it flow

Take on a new sport: that might sound tiring but trust it will be worth it. Let down your hair and experience life and the thrilling sensation it can offer.

Try to give back: most times we get so stuck up in our lives, we forget how blessed and privilege we are, remember others aren’t. You must find time to show kindness to those with little and put a smile on their faces.

Protest about something: this shows you have interests and passion for things, could be protesting against underage marriage or something quite small. You can start in your own way and see where it takes you.

Follow your dreams: this is the most important factor, it holds the key to your happiness. Be sure you follow your dreams where ever it may take you, at some point you begin to realize all that happened or will happen will make you grow and be a better person.

beautiful sunset
beautiful sunset

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