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2015: Boko Haram Will Be a Thing of the Past – Buhari


Agene AKHERE, Benin

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), General Muhamadu Buhari (rtd), has said the APC if elected into government in the February 14th general elections will end insurgency in the country

Gen Buhari, while addressing a large crowd of party supporters at the Ogbemudia Stadium in Benin City Thursday during his campaign rally, added that unemployment and tackling power challenges will form the three cardinal point in running his administration if elected president

He said: “The first one is insecurity and that there is nothing we can do without security so our priority is to secured this Country , secondly unemployment, the youth of this country are more than 60% of the population and whether they are schooled or not are not employed. This is extremely dangerous for this country and of course there is problem of corruption which responsible for so much wastage of the resources which can be utilize especially for education.

“There is nothing you can give people than better quality education. I have seen what Oshiomhole has done by inviting me to come and commissioned some projects. So APC government by the will of God from 30th May, 2015, will remove insecurity from north east, from Sokoto to Cross River, from Daura to Port Harcourt.

“About jobs , the quickest way we give jobs to everybody whether educated or not is to make sure we empower farming by giving it a priority and thirdly to try and encourage financial houses to try to give soft loans to small manufacturers to help their businesses so that they fortify their businesses and employ more people and produce goods.

“Education is going to be improve by equipping the schools and providing quality teachers We would try and do those things that are really bothering you especially erosion, the amount of resources required to control this alone in Edo State are enormous not to talk of the South East states.

“The APC government will do that and this is an undertaking. We are going to make sure we rehabilitate infrastructure. When PDP government came into power NEPA or Power Holding Company of Nigeria of blessed memory were producing about 3,000, to 4000 megawatts, today after PDP government has expended $20 billion we are producing less than that without any record of accountability.

“So, before they kill Nigeria and kill us we better vote out the PDP. The people of the state must ensure that they get their permanent voters cards and come out enmass to ensure that PDP is constitutionally killed in Nigeria and make sure your votes counts”.


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