Home News 2015 Elections: Nigerians Should Pray for, Vote Theocratic Leaders –Rev. Dr. Ayinde

2015 Elections: Nigerians Should Pray for, Vote Theocratic Leaders –Rev. Dr. Ayinde


By Demola Atobaba,


As 2015 general elections draw near, the Senior Pastor and Conference President of Ekiti State Baptist Conference, Rev. Dr. Olukayode Ayinde, has called on Nigerians to be ready to pray to God to give the country theocratic leaders come March 28 and April 11.

Dr. Ayinde, who gave this charge while admonishing the congregation at First Baptist Church (Miracle Cathedral), Okeyinmi in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital, said “as good citizens of Nigeria, we owe the country and leaders a duty to pray to God to choose leaders who will fear Him and do His will when he gets to power”.

He said his sermon tagged: “Needed A Theocratic Leader,”was  brought from the scriptures (1 Samuel 10:9-25 and Luke 18:1-7) respectively.

According to him: “A theoretical leader is a leader who sees God and is subject to Him as the Ultimate Ruler of the people he leads,” adding, “our nation has a great challenge in this facet of existence.

“We have many men and women in positions of authority who are but sheep in wolve’s skin. Nigeria dearly needs leaders who are concious of God’s desire and presence per time. We urgently need leaders whose consciences have not been scared and whose souls have not been sold to the devil.

“To attain that lofty height as a nation, there are salient issues we must address, even as we prepare for the destiny election of Nigeria soon.”

Ayinde said some important issues are to be perused as people of God, who are really expectant of divine intervention, and must be registered in mind as people go to polls.

He listed three cardinal principles, which, he said, as genuine and true followers of God’s words, the country must attain as elections are around the corner to include: God’s Choice; People’s Prayers and Civic Responsibilities.

The second part of his sermon focuses on Lifting up holy hands; Labouring fervently in prayer and Soberness.

He said: “It is not strange for any human being to get discouraged, wearied and weakened in the place of prayer. This often happens when it appears as if our aged agonizing prayers are not going beyond the ceiling. When we pray with little or no result following, one begins to be weakened. Investigation shows that Nigeria is one of the nations where people pray most.”

According to the clergy, “We need theocratic leaders in state Houses of Assembly across the states of the Federation,  House of Representatives, National Assembly (Senate) and Presidential elections respectively. Nigerians must be ready to pray for leaders who will not be a torn………… in our flesh.”


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