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2015 Poll: No Violence Please


Most Nigerians have expressed their worry over the drumbeats of war and violence being drummed by our politicians in the build-up to the forthcoming elections. I’m getting scared daily about what to expect and what not to expect I must say. Our politicians should behave themselves: politics should not be a do-or-die game, forget former President Obasanjo who propounded the theory of do-or-die. But our security forces and particularly President Jonathan must gird their loins very well to face those who would want to forment trouble. President Jonathan spoke well in his New Year speech warning those who might want to forment trouble. The problem in our country is our leaders and the police blow a lot of hot air. And when they are now confronted with violence they become jelly; they falter and wobble and leave all of us at our mercy. God forbid that violence should accompany the 2015 elections. Please we don’t want violence.

*Akeem Oladayo,


Ogun State


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