The opportunist of providence is on a revolt. He is grizzling about another man’s fate with a no-faith declaration. His vantagepoint is the exalted throne of power that now intoxicates him. Frustrated by the deplumation of his authority to invest his own, our stuck-up personage leads a rebellion of hate against providence and its style. He is making reflective enquiries that are subsumed in percipient undertone. The Chibok distraction has not hindered his campaign. His own focus is 2015. Despite the limitation of his existence in power, he still wants to be cloned. He has suddenly become a zealot of no-faith in governance. Why do we have distinction in governance when we can have a man of distinction in government? he blurted at a function. Here is a man whose fate was resolved by his faith yet he claims there is no faith in governance. He claims he is god the father because the man in power is his son. How come a father is plotting against his son with other rebels that are after his son? If he worships the real GOD, and not the iron god, why did he have to swear not to forgive a son he made? It is very strange. Stranger still was his adamant posturing.

Those who hear him speak of no-faith would think he believed in it. He is a galah hoodwinking people with his strange persona. It is a common character: our politicians’ doublespeak. They play Jekyll and Hyde for and at their convenience. They exploit our innocence and our constraint to fame. They say nonsense and expect us to draw some sense from it, and arrogantly, they call themselves men of example.

Raddled by the burden of power that has afflicted our subject with some grey contents, the blunder of assuming that there is a fountain of wisdom is feasible and visible. But this is not so: it is simply the swaggering of a parvenu. Now he has sufficient resource contents, procured with studied industry from our collective larder, to talk and act like a god. Unworried about his common-knowledge empire of pride, our subject is now the emperor of words spitting fire on national discourse to invoke relevance in the twilight of his reign. There is something about power that is curious: it tyrannizes the soul that is weak in fraternity. Man’s sojourn in the mansion of power—short or long—is mocked by the reality of life’s vanity.

The mathematics of his tenure is indisputable. When a man climbs to the top with a ladder and decides to destroy the ladder, he is only facilitating his suicide from power. If he does not find a ladder to ease his drop, he may have to jump to aid his fall. Now that he is almost like us, our friend is letting loose his dogs. They are wagging tails, barking threats and biting dust: the sick dogs. Men who lack fame and name; men who indulge in name-dropping; men with records of historical indignity; men who are troubled by character somersault; men who are blessed with depreciated rectitude; men who are sinking in questionable parentage; men who have diffident personality are the bigots. Better still, they are the dogs on errand that are ruining our society. These are the bigots on errand. Our man must win again. He deserves another term. Forget about the abduction of the 200 plus something Chibok girls. Life must go on. The vehicle of life is constantly on the move. It waits for no one. If they like let them sing “Bring Back Our Girls” till eternity, the search for power must go on. Who else can run this country better than me? I am tested and trusted. I am the Messiah.

The dogs are on the prowl looking for whom to devour. Oh , famished things. Always hungry. Always barking. Always biting. Helpless things! Hopeless things! These are special dogs re-animated by pecuniary bait to bite the fingers that fed them. These are the here(rats) and there(birds) dogs running helter and skelter to protect their shelter. How can the society progress when these dishonourable dogs are destroying our treasure of honour and removing the wheels of progress? Who expects dogs to have dignity. Yes, we expect dogs to lack integrity.

The Confab in Abuja needs to fix these dogs otherwise they labour in vain that build the house. These dogs are the major problems. They are all over. They ruin the system: they destroy the values; they violate the laws and cover up the evils of their masters. They are dogs whose past has destroyed our present. They are dogs whose present is threatening our future. They are dogs chained and embroiled in eternal morass. Regularly, they mope in the seclusion of their individuality convicted by the pressure on their conscience as to the innocence of their victims.

Everyday we ask ourselves in our moments of reflection why our country is not moving forward. The evils of these dogs and their masters have overwhelmed the mobility of the society. When good men are persecuted for their progress-friendliness, is it the evil men that will prosecute the imperatives of progress? Until all evil consciences are tortured to submission, no amount of transformative agenda can engender peace and progress for our nation. It is sickening and revolting that since 1960 these dogs have been allowed to flourish and function with impunity. We have allowed them to activate their mercantilist ventures to a level we can no longer control. Though it is puzzling that we have dogs who seek survival and prosperity through image assassination and physical damage, our vanishing, and diminishing values are too weak to sustain this moral prognosis.

Abstracted for days on the falsehoods and untruths that permeate our national life and our desperation to survive at all cost not minding what effect it has on fellow human beings, I chuckle at the celerity at which morality is receeding in our public space.  Dogs, as earlier stated, consider morality secondary in order of survival strategy. But how can a man enjoy the wealth that is a burden on his conscience? Which man on earth can survive the trauma and the prosecution of a troubled conscience?

The conspiracy between the zealots and the bigots portends an enduring danger to the survival of the society and its system. Until we decree a dysfunction into their midst, and demobilize their organised tyranny, this nation cannot move forward. If we cannot subdue the zealots because of their exalted position and influence in the society, we can at least deal with the bigots by cutting their warped tongues and extracting their teeth of greed. Dogs are less dangerous when they are made impotent in all functional departments.


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