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2019 General Elections:Tinubu Appeals To Igbos To Vote APC, Tasks Members On House-To-House Campaign



Okunade Adekunle

As Nigerians go to the polls on Saturday for the Presidential and National Assembly elections, the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has appealed to the Igbos residing in Lagos State to cast their votes for the party’s candidates across board, saying that the Igbos had benefitted much from the ruling party in the state through numerous public policies.

“Igbos have benefitted immensely from the state without any discrimination, now they should reward us for our tolerance by voting APC. I saved ASPANDA from demolition, if they are now against our candidates and doing what they want, we know how to behave”, said Tinubu

Tinubu who made the appeal at the Stakeholders meeting held at the APC State Secretariat, in Acme, Lagos, explained that the major opposition party in the country and Lagos, People’s Democratic Party(PDP) lacks capacity to win the general elections.

The APC National Leader tasked the members of the party to intensify the House to House campaign across the 20 local governments and 37 Local Council Development Areas, saying that he only believes in winning elections through votes not through violence.

Tinubu advised the party members to embrace and accommodate defectors from the PDP, saying that the party needs unity among its members to win at the coming elections.

“They were in PDP before and now in APC, don’t fight them rather accommodate them, please I plead with you, I and Demola Seriki,Obanikoro and DaSilva, who were former PDP are now very close,we will wrong ourselves often but we will call on God to forgive, so we should also forgive others”, said Tinubu

“We are going to vote, we have accepted INEC’s postponement, no nation without obstacles and challenges but how you manage it, INEC is not our opponent but the PDP, we are going to win them at poll, they don’t have our strength in North West, South West, North East, and Middle Belt, so where will they win”, said Tinubu

He added “Who are we fighting? We are fighting PDP, we are not concerned about INEC, and they have the rules and laws on their side, they postponed the election, any airplane can get into turbulence, they have tried to manage the situation”

Tinubu added “INEC will land safely and happily with this election and APC will win, it is our election, we have buried their mother, I have come to felicitate with you, they say don’t want to see you, they don’t want you to vote, they are the ones we will not see”

He also counseled all those having challenges in their local governments to go and mend fence with their leaders at their local governments and wards. The APC Chieftain however, reaffirmed President Muhammadu Buhari stand point on thuggery and ballot snatching, noting that Buhari remains the Commander In Chief(C-In-C) and his pronouncement stands.

Tinubu stressed “Let me warn our youths, you have heard Buhari’s take on thuggery and ballot box snatching, I don’t command the army, the PVC is my own army, we must go out and elect our candidates as President and National Assembly members”


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