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2023 Presidency: Goodluck Jonathan Attempted Option, Political Clowns At Work,By Kola AMZAT


Barely two weeks ago, the immediate past president of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan clocked 63 years on the surface of the earth.

We join the people of this country to celebrate a wonderful Nigerian and embodiment of humility and patriotism. Dr. Jonathan would continue to remain as one of the key figures, who deployed resources within their reach to sustain the corporate existence of this country at critical times.

For the records, he displayed a rare spirit of patriotism, sportsmanship, and more importantly, he sacrificed his personal ambitions on the altar of national interests for Nigeria to continue to remain an indivisible entity, when he conceded defeat as an incumbent president, to the current president during the 2015 presidential elections.

That was a rare occurrence in African democracy.

He could as well act otherwise and plunged the nation into darkness, chaos, total anarchy and pandemonium. The nation indeed would continue to salute him for this heroic act.

But, Dr. Jonathan is strongly advised and admonished to be wary of the visit of those northern APC governors, who under the guise of felicitating with him, started engaging him in ‘other critical political issues’.

We make bold to state that, their visit was divisive, in bad taste and mischievous, as it was a calculated attempt to re-ignite acrimony, disunity and disintegration in this country, which ironically the ex-president made calculated & deliberate efforts to prevent, by conceding defeat to the current president.

It has reportedly emerged that, the major agenda of the governors’ visit was to influence, persuade and ostensibly to woo him to run his last term on the platform of the party, a mischievous political arrangement & calculated attempt geared towards ensuring the return of power & authority, as quickly as possible to the north, after Jonathan might have ran his last term as constitutionally provided.

What a selfish, myopic, very unpatriotic and shallow thinking, by these political clowns, who incidentally supposed to know better!

This was the same Jonathan they hounded out of office for lacking in capacity to oversee the nation affairs. This was the same man they generally referred to as clueless and lacking direction.

This was the same ex-president alleged, to be bereft of economic, political and infrastructural turn-around ideas. This was the same ex-leader accused of completely running the nation aground.

So, what has suddenly changed within the last six years? How come he has suddenly emerged as the new political bride, being sought after and cultivated to take the baton of leadership from the incumbent president?

What a travesty! What a selfish move! Our candid advice to the ex-president is to disregard their overtures, as they don’t wish Nigeria well.

Since Jonathan’s exit from Aso Villa, he has continually been deployed as an instrument of peace and restoration of democratic orders, within African continent and even, beyond.

The ex-president is therefore advised to remain steadfast, in continue with his newfound role & responsibility that the global democratic community has thrusted on his path. He’s advised to move on, and stay away completely from the murky and very dangerous water of Nigerian politics.

Within his capacity, he’s served the nation meritoriously well, having bequeathed on Nigeria, legacy of unity and togetherness, at his exit from power.

He should be conscious of the fact that, any attempt for him to pander to evil machinations and designs of that group of power mongers, who want to remain in power at all cost, is to pave way for the obliteration of his name from the golden chapter of Nigerian history.

For the avoidance of doubt, he remains the only Nigerian president in history, who conceded victory to opposition candidate, in an election he had unfettered access and capacity to upturn and manipulate in his own favour.

That’s an eternal record for the ex-president, as well as his yet unborn generation and he’s advised to be contented with this. It’s this golden record that, those political clowns are making spirited efforts to destroy.

To the team of APC governors who visited him ostensibly to wooing him to contest under the platform of APC, we strongly advise them to stop from dissipating energy and efforts in the directions where result would not be forthcoming.

They should for God shake, channel those efforts to solve illiteracy problem that has ravaged their zone for ages, as well as confront heads-on, challenges of banditry and kidnapping that have almost brought the entire north to her knees, instead of busying pursuing agenda that has no relevance to the growth and development of their geo-political zones.

In the first place, the geo-political zone where Jonathan comes from is not the next on the line to present candidate, even though the governors pretended not to know. South/west zone is the next to present APC presidential candidate comes 2023, as agreed in the ‘gentleman agreementreached by the founding fathers of the party in 2014.

Secondly, the team of governors who visited Jonathan knew that, they already have in the fold of APC, a candidate in the person of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, who the entire South/west zone have resolved to present and support to the tilt come rain, come sunshine. Their visitation is therefore tantamount to an effort in futility.

Thirdly, it’s not the responsibility of a northern group to foist their choice candidate on the south. When their turn comes, they of course, reserve the rights to choose anyone they desire. They’re therefore advised to stay clear of influencing the choice of candidate for the South/west.

The zone has resolved on AsiwajuTinubu comes 2023. That’s our choice, unless they desire implosion in the zone. We’ve found in him, a candidate with impressive managerial skills. We’ve discovered in him, a resourceful, decisive and resolute leader, with capacity to positively change the nation political, economic and infrastructural landscapes.

We’ve also come to the realization that, he’s a distinguished Nigerian, with amazing international contacts with business and political communities, which the country could capitalize on, to be a major player in the international markets and diplomacy. Also, with his rare quality of bridge building, he surely has the capacity to re-ignite the unity, oneness and togetherness of this wonderful nation. For the purpose of emphasis, we reiterate that South/west people remain resolute, and uncompromising on Tinubu candidacy, comes 2023.



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