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2023 Presidency: Northern Agenda Threat To African Progress, Says  Maharaj Ji    


Ahead of the 2023 Presidential elections, Founder and Spiritual Head of One Love Family, Sat Guru Maharaj ji has warned against moves by some northern elements not to allow power shift to the South, describing it as a big joke and a threat to African progress.

At a press conference held in Lagos over the weekend,  Maharaj ji observed that northern Nigerian politicians being the dominant species of  Nigeria political elites,  have been spitting and threatening to plant one of their own in Aso Rock after the expiration of Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure.

According to him, It is interesting to note that the same Zoning’ which Northern politicians emphasized as just and legitimate for producing Nigeria’s president is now being regarded by them as an unreliable formula in the face of the fact that Zoning in 2023 will favor the presidency shift to the South, precisely the South-West, South-South and or South-East.

“I advise Northern politicians not to take Maharaj Ji’s simplicity and seemingly silent disposition to Nigeria’s sustained political ghettoization by them and their littering Southern pones for granted!

“Maharaj Ji has been the one guiding and protecting Nigeria spiritually to its present stage. As the current Supreme Light of Creation, the devious games and criminal plans of Northern politicians against Nigeria’s progress and existence are all known and it is on the basis of My unwavering Divine commitment to protect and salvage Nigeria from their satanic agenda, as co-scripted and approved by Britain and Saudi Arabia, both being their principal external cohorts, that I have allowed Nigeria to evolve in a way that appears to them as evidence of their invincibility.

“Evolution as against revolution stands-out as the appropriate route to guide booty-trapped Nigeria through to its destined shore of grace and glory. The option of revolution plays straight into the Annihilation Plan of the Northern political oligarchy against Nigeria!

“Now that Nigeria has been successfully guided off the war-trap set by elite never-do-wells of Northern Nigeria with the ignorant support of neo-colonialist Southerners who are unaware that their minds are being conditioned and manipulated to go to war to enable the Europeans to re-colonize the country again. I advise them to stop sniffing the glue and to also stop drinking the codeine that gets them high into believing that Nigeria is their birthright and leprosy centre! Enough is enough!

How much power do they have over death? Do they know what life is and what it is truly worth? Is any of them IBB, El-Rufai, Abdulsalam, Tanko Yakassai, Bukola Saraki, Myetti Allah, El-Zakzaky,  Ali Modu Sheriff to mention but few, sure of being alive in 2023?

“Instead of focusing on how to reduce Nigeria’s mountainous and disgraceful problems, all they commit their time and energy to is the presidency how to occupy it

“Our children are suffering and getting increasingly angry! They are taking up extreme crimes to put food on their tables and to put clothes on their backs!

“Our workers are working more for less, unable to fend for their families adequately with the paltry salary they are paid by a system that feeds politicians increasingly fatter with money meant for public welfare.

“Hospitals are insufficient in number. The ones available are under-equipped. People go there for cure and are swallowed by death! What a tragedy!

“Our schools are now brothels where randy men go to shop for prostitutes. Indeed, our daughters now sell their virtue to buy books and food at school! Our sons are now deadly kidnappers, desperate and avid subscribers to blood-rituals for money-making! What about the police and soldiers that politicians use to capriciously maim and kill Nigerians protesting against their demonic governance? Are they well-catered for? He asked

“Patience is running out on all politicians who believe that God is either asleep or is their cohort. Soon the demonism and witchcraft that drives their spirit against unity, peace, progress and happiness in Nigeria will be arrested by Maharaj Ji and the world will know who is actually who!

“Nigeria will not be raped and ruined forever! The country destined to lead Africa and the world in the emerging Golden Age of global peace and abundance for all cannot be robbed eternally. No condition is permanent!

“As for serpentine behaviors of certain African leaders and politicians like those who are diverting public money meant for public utilities and developmental projects for private use and forcing us on the road for 15 hours on a journey of 70 Kilometers and who are opposing laws for the common good of the people for their personal interests, crawling from coven to mosque and the church in their satanic commitment to keeping us rotten and wretched, I remind them that no matter how big or poisonous a snake is, it cannot escape disgrace when its time of tyrannical presence in the wrong place expires.

“I advise politicians of their kind spread across Nigeria and Africa to leave the people alone before its too late for them to cry and beg. A word is enough for the wise,” he warned.



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