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22 Thoughts And Lessons About The Presidential Election


By Olusola Akinwale

General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB) is the man of the moment, the man everyone wants to be like. Who wouldn’t want to identify with a successful man? Who wouldn’t want to share his victory? There are lessons and thoughts I have drawn from the election that produced GMB as the man to govern Nigeria from 29th May, 2015.

• Nigerians have jettisoned Transformation for Change. Who says they were not tired of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at helm of affairs.

• That my Christian brother voted for GMB, a Muslim, doesn’t mean he is anti-Christ or that he doesn’t understand the mind of God. He just couldn’t give Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) another four years to rule his nation.

• Our hypocrisy has suffered shame. We are quick to use Abraham Lincoln as an example of a man with a never-give-up spirit. We use President Lincoln to motivate ourselves to never give up on our goals and aspirations. But when GMB was showing persistence in the pursuit of his aspiration, we lambasted him. We said he was too old to be the President of the country. We said he was too desperate for the Aso Rock, that he must have an ulterior motive (like planning to Islamize Nigeria). What hypocrisy! But Buhari, a great man, was never deterred. He was unmindful of our criticisms. After three failed attempts, he finally got what he wanted. Those who said he was too old now call him a dogged fighter, a man of history. Oh, GMB, I don’t mean to undermine you. Please permit me to call you Abraham Lincoln of our time.

• Whoever says he or she is too old for enthronement should take a lesson from GMB. With persistence and courage you can get to your desired throne. Men, don’t give up.

• The power to enthrone and dethrone a king resides in the people. Nigerians are increasingly enlightened that political sovereignty lies with them.

• Spiritual fathers are good. We need their prayers. But in politics don’t lean on them at the expense of your political Godfather. Those spiritual fathers, they understand everything but not the abracadabra of politics. Don’t abandon your political master, thinking the prayers of those little gods in cassocks will suffice for you. In politics, place your political Godfather above the spiritual men.

• In the course of electioneering, ignore the words of a Satguru Maharaj Ji. His words are irrelevant. You may pay attention to a Father Mbaka.

• If a clergyman says you will be in London tomorrow night, please believe him (even if you don’t have an international passport). He might be an Elisha prophesying a twenty-four-hour miracle into the Samaria of your life. If the same clergyman tells you a candidate will emerge victorious in a forth-coming election, please flee with the speed of Usain Bolts on a Tartan track. The man might want to manipulate you to support his preferred candidates. Clergymen now play partisan politics.

• Nigeria is still a paternalistic society. We may love our President so much, but when his wife becomes untamable in her style, he begins to draw our ire. Dame’s unbecoming attitudes didn’t help GEJ’s cause.

• Get the courage to flush out liars in your camp. There are some deceivers and vultures in the camp of the incumbent President. He didn’t deal with them and they did him in.

• Another word for calm is Jega. Whenever your darling is upset or worried, instead of telling him or her to stay calm, just say, Stay Jega, my love. Verily, verily you will receive a solid kiss.

•  When a certain cancer called “Orubebeism” wants to destroy the breast of your noble work, what you need to counter the cancer is a dose of “Jegasterone.”  Then you will hear a voice saying, This Orubebeism, you shall see it no more. Is there deliverance greater than that? But if you don’t have a “Jegaduct,” you are on your own because there is no Jegasterone without a Jegaduct.

• When people are hungry in a land and disenchanted with the leader of the land, don’t tell them to give the leader another term in office because he is a Christian. To Nigerians, that idea is balderdash. It can’t sell among them. Nigerians want a credible and compassionate leader. They don’t care if he is a Christian or a Muslim. They have once again demonstrated it. If you think they’ll regret doing that, your thought is evil.

• If you are still under the illusion that GMB will Islamize Nigeria, please pack your baggage and leave for Cotonou or Seme.

• To occupy the Aso Rock, you need the votes of both Christians and Muslims. The lesson here is that we need one another notwithstanding our ethnic and religious differences.

• For the first time ever, talks about Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona, Ronaldo, Messi didn’t surface at newsstands. It was GEJ and GMB. Had the UEFA Champions League been played on Monday night, Nigerian soccer fans would have ignored it and watched the results of the presidential election.

• It is not only the Super Eagles that can turn Nigerians to sudden mathematicians. Results of the presidential elections too can. As the results were being announced, Nigerians were recording and calculating the figures in their houses and offices.

• The victory is not for the APC or its stalwarts. It is for all Nigerians, the PDPians inclusive. Politics know party affiliations. Governance knows no party. The APC, hear the words of Nigerians: We have set you on the throne with our political power; we can dethrone you in four years’ time with the same power.

• Nigerians are like the biblical Israelites. They are difficult to please. They may hail you today and then crucify you the next day. The APC stalwarts shouldn’t think that Nigerians voted for the party because they love it. No. They voted for GMB. Four years ago, they voted for GEJ and not the PDP. This time, they have told GEJ enough is enough. They will treat the APC-led government the same way if it fumbles.

• GMB must show us that there is a difference between Change and Transformation. He must prove to us that beyond semantics, Change is better than Transformation.

• Dear Nigerians, now that you have entered the era of Change, you must collect change on everything you pay for. Even when you pay for dowry, ask your in-law to give you change.

• In the spirit of the season, you may christen your newborn babies such names as Jegasola, Jegafunmilayo, Jegatunde, Adejega, Jeganifemi, Buharipemi, Buharinimofe, Buharitayo, Oluwatibuharimi and Buharidunni.

If GEJ has congratulated GMB, who am I not to congratulate him on his historic victory. Therefore, I say SAI BABA, SAI BUHARI!

*Akinwale wrote from Lagos. You may follow him on Twitter @olusolaakinwale and read his work at https://freeditorial.com/en/books/pariah.


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