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National Mirror, Newswatch Daily in Trouble


National Mirror and Newswatch Daily, the two publications in the stable of controversial businessman, Jimoh Ibrahim, are finding it difficult to sustain their production.

While Newswatch Daily has been off the newsstand since Friday, National Mirror did skeletal production on Saturday and Sunday.

It was learnt that the failure of the newspapers to hit the newsstand was as a result of lack of newsprint.

While Newswatch Daily has not been on the newsstand since Friday and will also likely be absent on Monday, National Mirror was said to have produced a few copies, most of which were delivered to advertisers.

The newspaper is also said to be planning the same for Monday.

Sources close to the newspapers said Ibrahim has since left for the United Kingdom.

He was said to have told the management of both publications to learn to fend for themselves.

It was gathered on Sunday that Ibrahim, who is owing the staff of both publications salaries and allowances, has refused to intervene in their plights.

He travelled out of the country last week.

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