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How to Avoid Getting Distracted by Boys/Men (111)


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Dear Aunty Temilolu,

I love your article though today is the first time I’ll be reading your column. I’d like to know if it’s possible for one not to be in love.

Mary, 20

My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous and heavenly celebrated Nigerian sisters,

You are a human being with a heart so you are bound to fall in love but with moderation and enough care so that your emotions would not rule your intellect. However, I tell you in this day and age you need a supernatural power which is the power of the Holy Spirit to be able to manage your feelings. There’s so much confusion in the world today and the youth are an easy prey for the devil so you really have to be determined so as not to be blindfolded by love and find yourself on a path that leads you away from your destiny! Too many destinies through no fault of theirs are under serious attack and it would only take God’s mercy, some fierce determination, a consecrated life of holiness and serious prayers from such destiny to be free from attack and that is if the person is aware. Now how can you ever have a clue if your destiny is under attack and likely never to manifest God’s original, fantastic plan when the devil has stolen your heart through your boyfriend? How can you ever hear from God when you are fantasizing all day about your lover engrossed in the beautiful poetry he wakes you up with everyday which has now grown to fuel your fleshly lust so wildly such that just a look at his picture on your phone would turn you on and you can’t wait to be devoured in his arms at your next meeting. You can’t control yourself any more; your body is shaking and waiting. May God deliver you! Yes, because as designed by God the only man you should have this much passion for and long for is your husband. May the mighty power of God rest upon your life and uproot all ungodly desires in Jesus mighty name! AMEN!

Now, let’s go into today’s topic.


 3. Start developing your childhood dreams

At about age 12-13, we all have great dreams of what we wish to become in future. We discuss this with our parents and our peers at school. But how come too many forget about this dream within 5-6 years? I tell you it’s not the fault of so many teenagers. The teenage years are very delicate years as well as wild years when the youth is in a world of confusion torn between following the right path and the wrong path. Can you imagine a teenager sharing his dreams of advancing technology in future; most likely his friends would shut him up and call him a nerd except they are of like minds. That could kill his morale. The average role model of the youth of this generation only make things worse and parents seem to be deep in slumber otherwise they ought to have an idea of the seed of greatness in their kids and nurture them till they manifest by all means possible. A lot of you don’t know that a lot of your wishes to be this and that are the seeds of greatness sown into you by God. They are more often than not what God has designed to make you great and shine in the world some day. However, smart, bad devil has already seen this and throws all sorts in your way to divert you. You see why I always preach about possessing the spirit of God from a young age?

A lot of your mothers watch other highly accomplished and successful women on T.V. or read about them sighing deeply in pain and regret because they had even greater ideas but abandoned their dreams for love. Some of them secretly bear a great grudge against your fathers. There’s so much to discuss on this and a lot for you to do before settling down in marriage.  All I know is that if you refuse to be carried away by the looks, wealth and love poems of any guy and can control your flesh, you will be a master over your destiny and soar like an eagle. Love you all! Till next week.

To be continued.

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