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29 Things Your Boyfriend Isn’t Telling You



  1. He likes cuddling just as much as you do or probably more
  2. He hasn’t stopped talking to that person he was supposed to stop talking to.
  3. Excessive hand-holding in public makes him incredibly uncomfortable.
  4. He didn’t think of that awesome date idea all by himself.
  5. He freaks out just as much as you when you don’t answer his texts.
  6. He doesn’t care if you go out with your girls 3 nights in a row. As long as you don’t drag him along.
  7. If he’s ever cheated on a girlfriend, his lips will be sealed.
  8. He’d rather stay in than go out with you.
  9. What he fantasized about while masturbating once (or twice) and is a little embarrassed about.
  10. He’s not too tired to come over, he’s just in the middle of playing a video game.
  11. He doesn’t have too much work to do. He’s just in the middle of Mad Men.
  12. He doesn’t like your friends close to as much as he says he does. Which is probably a good thing.
  13. He’s secretly just as passive-aggressive as you. If he rarely asks you to do things, when he does it means it is more important to him than you realize.
  14. He’s probably lying about the amount of girls he’s slept with.
  15. He invests a lot of time into “flirting game” to ensure his skills are sharp.
  16. Seeing you happy is actually one of his top 5 favorite things in life.
  17. He doesn’t always want to have sex. Sometimes, he just wants to sleep.
  18. He’s terrified of losing you but he’s more terrified of you telling him his jokes aren’t funny.
  19. That he was basically broke when he met you
  20. The story behind his most awkward one-night-stand
  21. How he really feels about that one friend you have suspicions about.
  22. The weird things he did as a kid and will take to his grave
  23. If he’s ever taken a breakup way too hard.
  24. How many girls he had a crush on
  25. If he’s ever dumped someone… and it didn’t go well
  26. When he notices those five extra pounds
  27. He wants you to show some skin, not too much. Just enough to make his head swell and his friends green with envy
  28. He doesn’t think you need too makeup
  29. He likes hanging out with his friends

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