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4-Year-Old Boy Attacked By Dogs Returns from India


By Biodun Akande

Four-year-old Omonigho Abraham, who was violently attacked by dogs owned by a neighbour in his family home in Igando, a surburb of Lagos, has returned from treatment in India.

Omonigho’s scalp was bitten off by two dogs in their neighbourhood, while he played with his brothers.

He returned from India on Thursday along with his dad after a successful operation in the Asian country. Omo had been in India since late last year after he was attacked in his home.

Mr. Abraham praised the doctors in India for the successful completion of the operation, thanking God for ensuring that his son can now live a normal life.

He also commended the Lagos State Government for helping to bring back his son to life as well as all the NGOs involved in seeking justice for his son..

Omonigho was attacked by two dogs in the Igando area of Lagos State late last year.

After the attack, the boy had said the police and government must ensure that the dogs that almost took his life are killed.

The little boy, who was then in the Burns and Plastic Ward of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, said he would not return home until the dogs were dead.

Omonigho had tried to run from the dogs when they started to attack him but he was overwhelmed.

Narrating his ordeal at the time, he had said, “I was playing with my brothers when the dogs entered our flat. I could not jump, so they bit my head. I pinched Gaddafi (one of the dogs), but he did not leave me. It was when I heard the voice of my mummy that I woke up. I want them to kill the dogs; I won’t return home.”

Omonigho, whose face was still marred with signs of the attack, wore a sad countenace when he saw the gory pictures of his torn head on his father’s phone.

He later started playing games on the smart phone.

A worker in the ward who said the boy’s health had improved compared to when he was admitted said, “The day they brought him here remains unforgettable for me. I couldn’t eat throughout that day because he looked horrible.”

The residents of the area and some policemen who besieged the scene of the incident, did nothing to rescue him until his mother arrived.

Mrs. Abraham fought off the dogs and snatched her son from their jaws.

The father of the victim, Odiah, berated the police for failing to rescue his son. He also accused the police of attempting to muddle up the investigations.

He had said a senior police officer asked him to “order the release of the dogs to their owner”.

Omonigho’s father, who was angry that the police claimed to have saved the boy, said he got a call from the Divisional Crime Officer of the Igando Police Station asking him to come and order them to release the dogs.

He said, “She asked me to come and agree to release the dogs to the owner or else, they would release the dogs to the owner themselves. She said in the alternative, I should take the dogs to my house.”


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