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5 Quick Facts About Epilepsy


Epilepsy is a neurological disorder caused by unusual nerve cell activity in the brain. Over a lifetime, one in 26 people will be diagnosed with it.

On the other hand, Seizures can cause a range of symptoms, from momentarily staring blankly to loss of awareness and uncontrollable twitching. Some seizures can be milder than others, but even minor seizures can be dangerous if they occur during activities like swimming or driving.

Some common myths about epilepsy and seizures in general include:

1. Put a spoon or metal object in a person’s mouth during a seizure to prevent them from swallowing or biting off their tongue.


Someone having a seizure is not at risk of swallowing his or her tongue. NEVER place an object such as a spoon in the person’s mouth, as it could break a tooth or injure the gums, and may block the airway.


2. Epilepsy is contagious.


It is IMPOSSIBLE to “catch” epilepsy from someone who is having a seizure. It is not contagious.


3. A seizure can be stopped by restraining the person.


Never restrain anyone during a seizure. You could injure him or her. Move the person away from anything that could harm them like any sharp objects or hard surfaces. The seizure will run its course and stop.


4. Epilepsy is caused by supernatural forces.


Epilepsy is indeed a brain disorder, there is nothing supernatural going on. Seizures are not a result of demon possession or the effect of “Juju” or voodoo. The most appropriate place to take a person with epilepsy/ seizures to is the HOSPITAL to see a QUALIFIED DOCTOR for management.


5. Epilepsy is a childhood disorder that is lifelong.


Epilepsy can begin at any time in a person’s life. The elderly and young children have the highest rates of developing epilepsy. The types of epilepsy, including the most common causes and seizure types, can vary depending on the age group. Brain injury at any point in life can increase the risk of epilepsy, although the onset of seizures may begin months or years later.

“Curled from Epilepsy Is Contagious?” by Gem

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