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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date Your Boss.


Have you ever heard the saying “you don’t poop where you eat?” that quote describes it all. It is a really bad idea… I repeat A REALLY BAD IDEA!!! There are psychological reason why a woman could be attracted to boss. Take for instance your boss is charming, mysterious, confident and on top of his game (isn’t that every girl’s dream?) When you find yourself being so nosy about your boss, what he likes and not, who he mingles with and as far as probing into his private life. Girlfriend STOP!!! There are three ways I see this ending,

  1. It goes bad and awkward
  2. It goes from bad to worse, which my friend is humiliating
  3. It works out but this as a lower percentage of happening. It takes a lot of work and balls to sit this out

I know some of you might be wondering, your eyes glued to the number three assumption, waiting for me to give you hope or something but let me tell you; how it works out depends on you and if in fact your boss like you a plenty and is willing to take that risk, it takes two to tango, Hear my reasons out before you pout and stomp your feet?

It affects your working performances: You might shake your head and be so adamant on that fact but I am telling you, it will affect your working performance. Let’s begin analyzing; you see him almost every-day, he has to keep a straight face and pretend you guys aren’t getting busy behind closed doors, in fact at some point you get bothered by this. He goes to meeting with attractive client to land deals (I am not implying anything but it could sting watching him flirt a bit)

He begins to evade your thought: How so you ask? Okay, take for instance what you guys have is just purely sexual and you have no strings attached, but doing this same thing over and over, there is a high possibility one of you will begin to want more and you better pray it’s you, why? Because if table were turned, he will come hard on you like Tom does to Jerry. He start making unreasonable demands, work becomes torture, he spies on you, make you stay out late at work when you should be relaxing at home and if you prove stubborn your jobs hangs by a thread. Let’s be reasonable, it is embedded in our DNA to want more. Why do you think people have one night stands (raises eyebrows?)

Feelings begin to take charge instead of professionalism: You are at work and something just snaps your mind back to your “extracurricular activities” with your boss and he just a door away. He tempts you without even realizing it. I know how a woman thinks, when a woman loves she loves hard. So she damns the consequences and follows her heart but ask yourself what if he doesn’t feel the same, then what?

Co-workers will hate your guts: if you and your boss comes out of the closet about your relationship, the other employees start to murmurs and doubt how things will work. If you get an increase or a bonus for a job well done, which can indeed happen. The other employee’s wouldn’t believe it and they will find all type of excuses to hate you, work just got real sister!!! (Rolls neck and snapping fingers)

When it doesn’t work out: questions to ask yourself; how much do you like your job? Do you have other options in case things get ugly? You got to think of all this before you jump into things. Will you two try to avoid each other till thy kingdom come or one of you will eat your head with a brick and hope amnesia happens. However way things end up, you should know life has a way of surprising us all. So it’s best you hide your crush in your bra and concentrate on work.

Bye for now!!!


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