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5 Reasons why you should be your own boss!!!



There comes a moment in life when we reach for greatness, a time to take that big step in your career. If you have doubts about starting your own business, it is quite normal, most people in game do get anxious sometimes. It is important you formulate your business plans and make adequate research. The self-employment industry has grown over the years and has shown great promise, this industry awaits fresh and creative thinking. Here are the five reasons why you should be your own boss

You can’t get fired: there is a certain job security you feel when working for yourself, it doubles your effort,  strikes in your best ideas and construct a platform for creativity. In the self-employment world you can’t get fired! You can change your mind about certain business opportunities but firing yourself, is never a option (except you want to quit and even that choice is off the table).

Flexible hours: you are the boss! You can work any time, it all depend on you, even though you have to put in more hours and effort but still your hours are flexible, giving you the forum to do other things on the side to generate income. Be realistic and don’t give yourself too many vacations or ideal time,  the progress of your work will suffer, given you are the boss all burden will fall on you. Keep in mind that balancing work and life is an essential aspect of succeeding as a business owner. Be realistic and don’t give yourself too many vacations or you wouldn’t get anything done

You are in control: in control of how everything plays out, if you have other employees it is necessary to delegate authority and enact a positive attitude in the work place. As a self-employed business owner you’ll have the freedom to make executive decisions that will affect the future of not only your company but also your family and career in the long-term, but being an employee you are mostly told what to do and it tend to restrict or decline creativity.

Retirement fund: this also plays a larger motive in matters of self-employment. Retirement is that ultimate goal we all want to achieve, that safe guarantee which secures your future. In achieving this, being your boss gives you more opportunities to generate money needed to fund an early retirement.

You’re Responsible for Your Success: when you’re self-employed, you can truly make a difference when you start your own business, the brilliant ideas you have been holding off when you were an employee, you get to implement them when you are the boss. You being successful lies on your shoulders. It does not only consist of hard work but smart thinking, great networking and efficient service you are providing.









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