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5 Steps to mend a broken heart



There comes a time when we all go through emotional trauma, and moving on seem like the most difficult thing to do. When your mind is burdened by great matters it troubles your whole being, it is almost impossible live as you once did. A broken heart tends to lead to withdrawal, isolation from everything because deep down you are still trying to accumulate or possibly understand what has happened, this could in fact lead to chronic depression if care is not taken. I hope at some point you will learn that the heart is elastic and it can bounce back in shape taken the necessary steps, the only thing you should stop doing is holding on to blistering memories (not easy but you gotta to move on, or you will be stuck)

Here are five steps on how to mend a broken heart

Step 1

Let it all out: whatever releases tension or the unbearable hurt inside. If it is crying, praying, go right ahead and do such. Don’t hold it in! Let it all out, the pain, loss, and unbearable emptiness. I once knew a woman who lost her only child, the pain she felt was excruciating and the hardest part was accepting the fact it happened. She thought letting go meant betraying her son but as time passed she realized it wasn’t so, with the courage and help from friends she let go of the pain, though it still hurt but she had learn to cope with it and redirect it to something positive. If she can do it, so can you!

Step 2

Accept help: when going through heart break or mourning, there is nothing shameful about accepting help from friends and family, even people you don’t know very well. It doesn’t qualify you as weak, if help is offered do accept. You will be amazed the little act of kindness, could help ease the pain. Also its key you accept the things you cannot change, it saves you from disappointment and heart troubles.

Step 3

Talk to someone: a problem shared is half solved, talking to the right people of course. Its okay to open up and find a way to get better, (it’s okay to grief but it is not something you can do forever) If you don’t have much people around, you could talk to professionals, a therapist, family members, your pastor or that good friend that has been waiting patiently for you to open up.

Step 4

Find the strength: when you have gone through the stages of grieving or isolation, it is important you don’t relent, why? it can be tricky because sometimes you think you are over something and you come to realize you haven’t. You have to redefine strength from within and take that bold step in getting your life back. Do things that would take your mind off it and try your best to remain positive.

Step 5

Look forward!: time to plan for the future, find a path and stick to it. This is not the end but the beginning to new things, what are those things you wanted to do? Why don’t you start making plans towards them?: Don’t limit yourself, be the best you can be. Meet new people and put yourself out there, remember you have to want and ask for things before they start to manifest.

Life is short but it can be very long when you haven’t lived your life to the fullest.

Stay blessed!!!




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