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59th Anniversary: Labour Unionist, Ogundiran Olusola Blames Nation’s Backwardness on Poor Leadership


By Richard Thomas, Ibadan

Labour Unionist, Comrade  Ogundiran Emmanuel Olusola  has blamed Nigeria’s backwardness since its Independence  on lack of focus and poor leadership.

Comrade  Ogundiran, chairman Oyo State Council of Trade Union Congress (TUC)  gave the submission during an interview with Western Post News in Ibadan in the wake of the 59th Independence anniversary of Nigeria.

According to him, the nation which is supposed to be kicking and running at 59 is crawling and grasping for breath while the people are begging for bread  and survival.

“The economy vis a vis the welfare of the teeming populace and the living standard  is nothing to write home about. Nigeria at 59, the economy is at 10 years, and the living standard of the people at 10 years too.

“The economy may look healthy on paper, but the standard of an average Nigeria is  nothing to write home about. Nigeria currency is as valueless  as anything compared to nations like Ghana Rwanda and others.”

Comrade Ogundiran who is also the chairman public service Joint Negotiating Council (JNC) decried the leadership  system of country, noting that the nation’s economy vis a vis  the currency no longer measure up to what it used to be in the past especially when the naira was at per with the United Kingdom Pound Sterling.

Speaking on the way forward,  Comrade Ogundiran said  Nigeria need to go back to the basis in order to get things right.

“Nigeria is a country that is blessed with human and natural resources, we are primary raw material producers who have all it take to be sufficient economically. I don’t know what has been hindering us  from turning this raw materials into finished products, he queried.

“Why  can’t  we add value to what God has given us, why can’t we make  use  of our population like China, Brazil and other countries who are doing well today.

“Nigeria is the most populous black nation in Africa, but the  population is a disadvantage to it. We cannot claim to be at the same level with countries we both had independence at the same time.”

Comrade Ogundiran  said it is worrisome that poor leadership has given birth to bad leadership in the country adding that  food can not be  produced in this country with very poor road network  and where leaders  think of themselves alone.

“It is a pity that  we find ourselves in this entity called Nigeria where those producing the wealth are paid next to nothing but the leaders who do nothing  earn humongous  pay. This is  worrisome, he added.

He  said the country will  survive if we have good leadership who can harness the nation’s God given resources and channel it for the growth and development of the people.

He advised Nigerian workers not loose hope but pray God for good leaders who will help to put the country on the right track.



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