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6 Ways on how to spot a witch!!!



I know this topic might sound ridiculous but I am one of those people that believe in the supernatural, the world beyond and stuff like that. There are two realms, the physical and the spiritual. Okay, so this two worlds are connected in some way. There is an equilibrium between them but if you are the observant type you’ll notice that some things happen randomly, things you can’t explain. Witches have more energy or power in the spiritual realm which tend to affect the physical world (okay! Are you following?) witches are people who have magical powers but before I go on and on about this, let me get straight to the point. Here are 6 ways on how to spot a witch!

They are mysterious: have you ever met someone who you can’t figure out, this person shows up whenever they feel like it or they hold back on things. You get this chill about them, not the kind that makes you want to jump off a cliff but the kind that makes you feel uncomfortable. Like they are holding out on you, their aura is just different and they have a certain energy about them, trust your instincts they are almost never wrong

They are just like you and me: there are myth that witches are grotesque’s creatures, tangled hair, brown rotting teeth and claws like a wolf. Okay lets both think about this, take for instance you are a witch and you possess magical powers, even though you are ugly in nature, will you appear in your true form as you walk the streets? No! So take it from me, they look like you and I but they are different. Be observant about what you feel, it is key!

Unexplainable things occur at their presence: you notice the energy around you changes when they are present. Take for instance the air changes its flow, goose pimples covers your skin or perhaps things just spiral out of control. Beware, keep your thinking hats on and your running shoes.

They fixate on things: when you notice they are stare at an object for too long and something happens to it, good advice (it’s for free) don’t go and ask stupid questions, because curiosity can push one to do crazy stuff. I will say “remove your slippers or shoes, don’t forget to hold them tight and RUN!!!”

They have a knowing look about them: they say things they shouldn’t know, personal things about you and don’t give me that crap about studying someone and all that mentalist stuff (you’ve watched the series? there is no one like Patrick Jane, even the fake psychic will figure it out) This goes way beyond that, you say something or trying to hide a secret but they give you this look, like they can just see through your soul; that is creepy! Best advice, stop talking or change the topic.

You find weird stuff in their house: when you visit them and you find bizarre things in their home, stuffs like feathers, cowries, ointment, potions. For crying out loud how many signs do you need? Sometimes you gotta take hints. If you don’t find anything within plain sight, check under the bed, chairs, the curtains; you can never be too careful. They even give you hints sometimes, but you are in a state of denial you don’t want to know. Quick advise, check around if there window, you’ve found one? That will be your fastest route out of that house!


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