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7 Signs that Tell You are Alpha Female



There is a certain stigma attached to an alpha female, or rather Miss Independent (as i like to call them). They are perceived as too strict or uptight, as much as this idea or perception is conceived most aren’t true. Alpha females are known for their confidence, courage and breathtaking ability to handle things. While others may lack courage and direction in life, an alpha woman knows exactly what she wants, who she is, and she is completely unapologetic about it. In a world where men are privileged to rule, a woman has to work twice as hard and intelligently to get results, even at that, society still don’t fully embrace the idea of a woman in charge.There are very few things as stunning and breathtaking as an alpha woman.

Here are a few signs that tell you an alpha female:

You are not afraid of being alone

They understand the rules of life and that is finding themselves and understanding happiness comes from within. No one can make you happy until you are open to the idea. So you broke up with your boyfriend and things seem quite gloomy. Trust an alpha to get back on her feet and take charge. An alpha female understands she is not defined by romantic relationships. You know what you are capable of accomplishing with or without love in your life. In fact, sometimes you are way more productive when you are alone; so the break-up was a blessing in disguise. In regards to the boy? Well, there will be another.

You get a lot of attention

Whether you want it or not, the spotlight is always on you, your confidence draws attention. At work everyone may look to you for guidance on how to complete a project or for you to take the lead on group assignments. You steal the attention of one and all and you capture them with your energy, your poise, and all your encompassing gift of social power.

You take charge

Want things done properly, get an alpha female to do it, she knows how to handle stress and deal with situations calmly. A lot of people might say an alpha female might be too rigid and almost inflexible in the work place, but I say she gets things done efficiently and always come out looking as if she runs the world.

You live with purpose

An alpha female live with purpose and have clear goals for all areas of life. The physical, mental and spiritual goals she set for herself are more than the things she wants to accomplish, an alpha female is very passionate about what she does and believes in. They persevere regardless of the circumstances or trials that come with achieving their goals.

You are very much misunderstood

Society has this incessant need of fitting you into a mold and quite frankly that does not work with you. You are unapologetic about your opinions. You are unrestrained about your beliefs and there is very little others can do to change your mind once it has been made up. Because of your strong sense of self and your uncontainable confidence, you are very much misunderstood. Society cannot understand how it is possible for a woman to be so bold, so courageous, it’s almost unbelievable.  Don’t be sorry of being who you are or how much you make.

You don’t take NO for an answer

This is probably one of your most amazing qualities. The fact that you know what you want and go after it, this quality is what allows you to be successful and sets you apart from the rest of society. You persevere with purpose and determination. That perseverance is what gives you the freedom to be bold and courageous. After all, you know where you’ve been, where you are going, and exactly what you are capable of. So get started!!!

You embrace change

While most people are terrified of change, an alpha woman isn’t; they embrace it will all they’ve got. There is no growth without change and no change without sacrifice, you accept this fact and it will open more doors of opportunities for self-development. This is truly where the beauty of the alpha woman lies, in your ability to face life and embrace the possibilities for change.




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