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7 Steps On How To Land A Sugar Daddy


(Chuckles… Please straighten your shoulders) In the Nigerian sense we believe sugar daddies are mostly influential figures, like politicians, oil tycoons, captains of industry and many others. Sugar daddies are older companions that have a certain relationship with young ladies. They see it as a way to relieve stress and sugar girls see it as a stepping stone, when their demands are met, which is a financial upgrade. Sugar girls sometimes believe older men have the knowledge to take better care of women because of their age difference and life experiences, and many testify this to be true. They see sugar daddies as more attentive to their needs and willing to make them comfortable at a certain cost.

Here are the tips you need to apply to land a sugar daddy. Humm…

Put an effort to look good: appearance concludes first impression and if it turns out to be a great one, then thumbs up to you, great looks tend to make heads turn. It is essential to take care of your appearance, you don’t want to come out slutty. Play it safe, show some skin but remember not too much! Some sugar daddies aren’t on a lookout for a sex doll but companionship.

Have a list: this is a list of attributes you want him to have, it might not be much but is key to know your demands and how you want your relationship with your sugar daddy to look like. You don’t want to take things as they come, you have to take charge and to be frank, it’s all part of the charm.

Find out where there are: make you research properly and know their hang-out spots. If you are the type like that prefer to do things the old school way, which is having a personal relationship with him and getting to meet him face-to-face— instead of the online thing, then it’s necessary you know where to find them. Sugar daddies don’t fall from heaven or sprout from trees, they have places they unwind. Ask around and make sure you look your best!

Have an online profile: in this new age, technology makes things easy and fast. There are numerous dating sites strictly for sugar girls, get registered and set up an irresistible profile. Make sure your pictures are appealing but not too provocative, turn on your charm to its peak and have fun!

Let them know what you have to offer: be sure to put it out there, what you can offer and a little about yourself (not too much info). The earlier the better, in fact it will come to your advantage, it brings your target to you and help you pinpoint what you are looking for. Make sure you are available and accessible. Flirt but don’t go over the top, it snaps the fun right out of things. Make them sweat a little, all part of the fun (winks).

Be sure to ask friends: this could help with your search, they could provide information about sugar daddies or can possibly introduce you to one, making things very easy. Put yourself out there and inform others, you can even seek advice from other sugar girls to get firsthand information on how things work.

Be persistent about your search: if you have not gotten any yet or haven’t found the type of sugar daddy you are looking for, don’t give up (take a deep breath) and be persistent. No good thing comes easy!!!

More articles on sugar daddies to come, hope you find this tips helpful.


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