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7 Steps To Make The Man of Your Dreams Ache For You



Women are curious about this and seem to get confused on how a man feels. You will be happy to know it doesn’t take a lot for a man to ache for you; especially the man of your dreams. it is key you understand how he thinks and what his perception of life is all about. Keep this in mind, when you try or make efforts to win his love, be sure you don’t lose yourself in the process. You are just as important as he is. Here are the simple steps on how to make the man of your dreams ache for you

Step 1

Be attractive! This is the first, and probably most important step. Almost 99 percent of the time, a guy’s interest will start with attraction, when a man see’s how attractive you are, he can’t help but fall for you, even woo you in the process (I know how women love the chase) don’t forget being attractive does not only imply looking great alone but also your personality adds to your charm. Appearance will lure him to you but your persona will make him stay.

Step 2

Be yourself, be confident and comfortable with who you are. The thing women fails to understand is that men can really tell when a woman is being fake, it is not a great way to start a relationship and trust me! You will have to spend most of the time trying to be someone you are not. So great advice, BE YOURSELF. Present yourself at your best, let him know your strong points and downplay your weaknesses.


Step 3

Learn about his personality. You should observe his likes and dislikes, this will be a factor on how you compromise in your relationship, be sure you find out important things about him and be careful when you do this; you don’t want him to see you as clingy or nosy. Learn about his hobbies and share them with him. Likewise, get to know his friends and be willing to accept them into your social circle.

Step 4

Be sure you let him know you are interested in him and not his pockets. Suggest the occasional low-key, inexpensive date to reduce financial pressure. He’ll appreciate it and verify that you are not a gold-digger. Most men appreciate a lower maintenance girlfriend. He will be comfortable around you and ache for you when you are not around.


Step 5

Give Him What He Wants – Appreciation, acknowledgement and Respect. This is the pillar of a relationship. You wouldn’t believe this but men craves attention just as women do, they just act passive about it hoping you will figure it out. A man really wants to make the woman he loves/likes happy and to feel that she sees and appreciates him for what he does. Appreciating your man after you’ve seen all of his flaws and weaknesses will make him want you ever more.

Step 6.

There are fun ways to spice things up, make ordinary things seem magical. Fun ways to tell him he is special and you appreciate his effort. You will be surprised how fast his heart will melt.

Step 7

Sometimes keep him out of the loop! Well let me explain this properly. It could be quite tempting to want to tell him everything that goes on with you, be it troubles at work or a spat between girlfriends. Be sure to keep a little mystery about yourself, you don’t want to show all your cards at the first few months. So play it safe, talk to him but don’t talk his ears off. It is scientifically proven men don’t remember things as much as women do, make sure you are precise and let him know the things that are important.

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