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7 Things a Woman Needs From a Man


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Okay! I know men have this idea about women having insatiable wants, they are partly right and wrong. See every human being can’t really get that optimum satisfaction that won’t make them want more things. Even when we achieve those things we desire, we begin wanting something else. So to say a woman want are unlimited, you are right. The thing is what a woman needs is way more important that what she wants. When you ask a woman what do you want? She will come up with nearly impossible things that will make you lose your mind but when you ask what she needs, the list drops to a few and it is not impossible to accomplish. Here are five things a woman needs from a man.

She wants you to appreciate her: sometimes all a woman needs is a certain reminder that she is doing an incredible job. You could show appreciation by planning a romantic dinner for the both of you or a trip you both have always talked about. A woman wants to be reminded she is important to you, that she makes you happy. When she is appreciated it fuels her efforts. An appreciated woman is a happy woman

Tell her you love her: when such words are said especially from the man of her dreams, this can take a woman high up to the heavens of bliss, she would smile and blush like Tom does when he sees his lady cat. Don’t forget when you say such words you best mean every single word, trust a woman to remember and hold you to it.

Be attentive: I don’t know if you are aware of this, but you should realize a woman loves attention. You making out time for her shows she’s important. There are times you might be busy but make sure you don’t make a habit of it. When you aware of your absence, make it up to her; buy her gifts to get on her goods side, breakfast in bed or something that says “I would rather spend time with you alone”. If you don’t make time, another man will and trust me when I say you don’t want that to happen.

Surprise her!: there is something about surprises that makes things interesting, the unexpected will make her excited. When I mentioned “surprise her”, make sure it is a good one not a horrible one. She would probably pour hot coffee on your face. Life is filled with surprises, isn’t that what make so exciting? Try not be too predictable and be spontaneous for her, spoil her for other men, just in case you guys break up, other guys wouldn’t be able to compete.

Be a great lover: this is also an important factor, a man great in bed, its like having some kind of treasure underneath your sheets. She would claw to protect what is hers! Be attentive to her needs, make her feel loved and cherished.

Be supportive: a woman needs support just like everyone, it might seem she got things under control but she would like support from you, tell her she could be great also, be there when she needs you. Sometimes she doesn’t really need to ask, just do it. That my friend is an extra bonus, be guaranteed she will surprise you if she sees your effort

Be thoughtful: I don’t know what is happening with the men of this age, there no chivalry. It is easy to call women to their faults and all but a man needs to have character too. What happened to the fore play? wooing and chasing, what about the romance? (sighs and shakes head) such wonderful acts can melts the heart.





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