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8 Things You Should Do On Your First Date




A first date should be casual, and not spontaneous. Enough  thought should be given on a first date but its is important not to  over do it. Could it  be you have been chatting with someone  online and it’s your first  time meeting them? Or reference from a  friend and you do want to  give a good impression, take a chill pill, here are the 8 steps to take on your firsts day.


 Keep your anxiety in check; I get you can be nervous but it is  necessary you get that under control, you don’t want to come out as too skittish, it makes your date wonder if you have a bomb underneath the table. Do something that relaxes you before going on a date, it could be listening to music, playing video games anything that would release tension.

Level your expectations: You gotta be prepared if things come to the worst and make sure you don’t have high expectations, most times things don’t turn out the way you imagine. It is important you keep you keep things neutral and light.

Prepare yourself: okay! You going on a first date and you don’t have much details about the person you are going to meet, (it’s okay) most times it happens. Formulate your questions, things you would like to know (don’t go in too deep, they are not in for an interview) keep things light, funny and simple. Discuss about their favorite movies, music, weather and so on.

Dress seductive but not provocative (for women); the way you dress is the way people will dress you, it has been one of the factor people use to formulate a certain idea about a person. So when you dress to make mouth drool and eyes wide as saucers he will have the wrong impression of you.

Smile and flirt:  This is one of the most charming features of all, quite a pleasing response one hopes to get. Smile flirtatiously and do not, I repeat Do not laugh like the witches in the movies, it would just scare the other person. Don’t be afraid to bat your lashes if you are woman and if you a man, (come on) don’t keep that charming smile away(winks)

Have your date where you feel comfortable: this helps you relax better given it is an environment you are quite accustomed to, you know the menu and how the services are. It gives the impression you are a person that knows what you want “a take charge kind of person” now that’s a bonus to you!

Pay compliments but not too much: you don’t want to be that person that seem impressed about everything, if your date pays you a compliment you accept it and in return when you pay a compliment, make sure it doesn’t go over the top.

Have fun!: number rule of life, have fun, be you, there is only one you! Never forget that. You only live once #YOLO. Be sure you smile, giggle, laugh and have a good sense of humor. It will make your date want to see you again. I hope after kissing some frogs one of them turns into a prince.

Have a nice day!!!


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