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Vote State Police Into Law, Maharaj Ji Admonishes 8th NASS


By Richard Thomas, Ibadan

Sir Guru Maharaj Ji, the founder, One Love Family has challenged the outgoing eighth National Assembly (NASS) to make history by voting `State Police’ into law.

This development was contained in a statement he  signed and made available to WESTERNPOST  on Friday in Ibadan.

“The 8th Assembly should make history now by uniting Nigerians in love, peace and harmony by initiating steps to vote state police into law to prove that all NASS members are detribalized, non racists and non religious fanatics.”They should be true ambassadors of spread across the country and prepared to make history where others have failed in order to
translate the efforts and struggles into practical reality,’’ he said.MaharajJi said that the urgent need for state police cannot be over emphasized in a country flowing with milk and honey as well as humongous blessings.He said that the services of Nigeria police was to protect lives and property, adding that they can’t sit idle and watch with disdain the
ever increasing deaths of young men and women.According to him,  “State police will ensure social coherence, more respect, dignity, Trust, love and cooperation in the state and by
extension the whole nation.

“It will enhance trade, business and social understanding on top of which cultural and traditional values would be respected and become the basis of our existence to  prevent crime and other disasters.

“It will prevent the abuse of principles and natural laws of each area as well as create enabling condition for progress and stability.’’

MaharajJi said that the creator has placed on the table of Nigerians, a country known as the giant of Africa but bedeviled with all kinds of self induced vicissitudes.

“The major ones are banditry, kidnapping and insecurity. I say self induced because we have the manpower, resources and machinery for dealing with this uncalled insurgency militating against it,” he said.
He said  the nation has a very good Police Force ranked as about

the best in the world, saying the police was under funded hence their incapacitation.

Maharaj Ji said such had disabled the vital part of the nation’s economy to stagnate as well as wallow in disgrace, dishonor and disrepute.

“We have seen where policemen in service are not well dressed, wearing walk about shoes, torn old dresses, old caps with the National
Ark almost torn halfway and handling pepper soup guns.

“In our days as kids, policemen are only carry batons and very well and neatly dressed in khaki shorts with nice haircuts. They appear
courteously fatherly and commanded respect because they are known by local Chiefs and our kings,’’ he said.

He bemoaned the brutal killings of fellow Nigerians and setting ablaze police stations for no just reasons by some hoodlums in the name of politics, religion and business.


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