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8th National Assembly a Rubber Stamp – Hon. Babatunde


By Kolawole Olayinka, Abeokuta

The former member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Babatunde Ogunola, popularly called Tomo, has identified lack of political will as the current challenge facing the legislative arm of government, describing the 8th National Assembly as a rubber-stamp, and urging the 9th Assembly to bridge the gap.

Ogunola, who is also known as Tomo, stated this in a telephone interview with our Correspondent in Abeokuta.

He said the 8th National Assembly unlike 7th Assembly has failed to challenge issue rather they care about their selfish interest.

Ogunola, a former Senatorial candidate of Action Democratic Party (ADC) in Ogun West Senatorial District, condemned the failure of National Assembly to address the challenges facing Nigeria.

Hon. Babatunde Ogunola

”He described the 8th Assembly as a rubber-stamp. “Whatever the Executive brings on board, they don’t challenge it, what they do is just to approve it, they let the Executive go away with so many things which was not the case during 7th Assembly.

He said people had lost confidence in the this government and there is a need for the 9th Assembly to bridge the gap.

“Cost of living is too high, insecurity is threatening the foundation of our existence. There are a lot of things that need to be done”, he said.

While identifying the reasons why he lost the Senatorial election, he said, “I want to believe that electing people to office should be based on credibility, especially those ones that care about serving the people to have the opportunity of assessing their performance in the office, and then put that into consideration by giving them another opportunity to serve”.

His words, “One of the reasons that I have observed is that there is no appreciation in good governance, my observation is that most credible and House of Representatives members as well as senators don’t usually get the opportunity of returning back to the office.”

He maintained that in this last election, money played a major role and it boils down to people not appreciating good governance.

”People often neglect the good performances of their elected people into office because I cite myself as an example,  I did well and I performed credibly during my tenure in office.”

He described issue of money bag politics as major challenge most candidates face during the election, explaining that money played a major role as most of the electorates demand money before picking people to vote for saying that this was not to say that he did not spend money for the election but anybody that cannot play with “A lot of money” may not make any headway.

“It is quite few places that people emerged without spending a lot of money, very few, I cannot even associate any state or any constituency that do not spend tremendously in this particular election.

“Imagine, a party that came up between a months to the election and they want a huge votes because they spend a lot of money, they do a lot of vote buying, but we that are willing to serve are not compatible with them, so money played a major role.

“Everything lies with the almighty God. Nobody is sure of what is going to happen in the next one hour talk less of 2023, it all depends on the dictate of the good people of my constituency.
You don’t venture into politics at your own request. It is due to call of serving, so if my service is still needed, I will be contesting in 2023.”


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