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9 Most Profitable Small Businesses You Can Start In Lagos With Less Money



businessEver wondered what you can do with the little money. Perhaps you want to get more money from the little you have, then you need to invest. Invest not just in anything but most profitable businesses you can do. And especially if you are a resident in Lagos or planning to visit the centre of excellence, then you can smile to the bank more often when you venture into these business below.

Here is a list of some of the most profitable businesses you can start :

  1. Manufacturing:

People often think that for you to start manufacturing anything that you have to have much money. I have a friend who started manufacturing paint with less than 800,000 Naira and today he has advanced. Manufacturing in Nigeria needs determination and understanding your target market. It is a very lucrative business. Below are some things you can start manufacturing with less money:


Bar Soap

Paving Stone

Most of the small machines you need to start are being sold for less than 1,000 dollars and anyone can acquire it and rent a little space of store. When you start recording success then you expand.

  1. Snail Farming:

Snail farming is very easy to start and you don’t need up to 100,000 Naira to start this business. Snail is very expensive in the restaurants and yet very easy to start. You can get some snails for free at the bushes and one snail lays about 300-500 eggs. They mainly eat grasses such as spinach…It is very easy to start and require less money. I will still discuss more about this particular business in the near future.

  1. Dry Cleaning:

This is a very good business to start with less money. Easy to start and easy to run the business. All you need is a rented store, one washing machine, 2 pressing iron, water storage and other minor things with at least one or 2 workers. Note: Know how to wash the cloths and iron it neatly and your customers will keep on coming and recommending you to others.

  1. Web Designing:

It is relatively very easy to start designing a website if you have knowledge about it. You can make so much money doing so and starting and running the business requires little or no capital as all you need is the knowledge. You need to learn how to host a website too.

  1. Rental service:

This part of business is very lucrative considering the demand of rental products in Nigeria. From renting chairs and table, to dresses, cooking utensils, canopies, stores, spaces, etc… It requires little or no money to start as you can get some of the items from manufacturing at credit.

  1. Writing Articles:

This requires no money to start as long as you are a good writer. Some websites and blog pays people to write a great content article.

  1. Car Washing:

This is another good business that requires less capital. Rent out a space for a year and get all the required materials needed for car washing, waxing and shining. Hire few people that will do the job, advertise and make it conducive for people especially the waiting area where they sit and wait for their car to be washed.

  1. Become a DJ:

In Nigeria most DJ makes a huge amount of money in few hours. You must have passion for music before you start this one. Know how to select some good music and operate the instruments. It requires less money. Get the speakers and you are good to go.

  1. Re-sellers:

This requires less money as all you need to do is to buy from people and resell at your own price. You can buy from importers or directly from china, India or any other where. You can resell cloths, phones, accessories and many other things.



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