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9 Things Men Love About Bad Girls



I get such a rush and excitement talking about this topic. It’s no  secret men dig naughty women but why? You ask. There are  somethings about a bad girl that keeps the opposite sex on their  toes, things I intend on analyzing shortly. A bad girl is every  man’s fantasy and his nightmare too. A guy wouldn’t want a bad  girl, but yet, he can’t stop wishing he could have her. There are  good girls that guys wants to introduce to their mother and then  there are bad girls that every guy secretly desires and fantasizes about. Here are the things men love about bad girls

A bad girl is comfortable with who she is and what she looks like; bad girls aren’t prudish and they aren’t afraid to flaunt what they’ve got. When a man sees a woman is comfortable in her sexuality and knows how to take control, it’s a big turn-on.

Bad girls know what pleases them in the bedroom; they aren’t scared to explore it all, they’ve probably tried everything relating to sex and even invented their sexual positions too. They touch themselves and know what works for them, so when they have sex it isn’t about the men alone, they know what they want and take it. Aware of their sensitive spots, they could guide or make the men please them also.

Bad girls are pleasure seekers: the reason being is, they have such a curious mind and such intriguing experiences that it becomes impossible to resist them. Yes! Having a bad girl in a relationship, could suck when it comes to arguments and all, but she never disappoints in the bedroom

They aren’t afraid to think like a man: a bad girl has the temerity to find out what a man loves, what tickles his fantasy; things that could make him scream and cry at the same time. There are some fantasies some men have that are quite dark but trust a bad girl to use that to her advantage. They are spontaneous and have an interesting personality.

Bad girls always look great: they is a big difference between looking good and great, a bad girl knows the difference. She knows her body type and wears clothes that flatters her figure. Men are attracted to things they see, this attribute makes a man excited and nervous whether they care to admit it or not. They are also very creative and colorful when making a fashion statement.

She stands up for herself: A bad girl has the confidence to stand up for what she believes in. She’s determined and motivated, and doesn’t let anything get in the way of achieving her goal or dream. And she can do this without the help of any man in her life! She what many call “miss independent”

She isn’t afraid of the kinky world: talk about handcuffs, sexual positions and all sex toys. A bad girl is well aware of this and uses this to her benefits. She keeps things interesting and always step up the plate.

She doesn’t care what people think of her: a bad girl knows who she is and doesn’t lend an ear to people’s opinion, men find that spirit quite irresistible. She is a misfit of the good kind. Her friends may pretend like they don’t appreciate her life choices, but somewhere deep within; everyone secretly wants to be her or wants to be with a girl like her

She doesn’t wait for magic: She creates it. A bad girl doesn’t wait for prince charming to walk into her life and fix her problems. She steps into the real world and fixes what she wants, with the assistance of drooling men or by herself.




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