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Abiola, One of the Greatest Nigerian to Ever Live, Says Tinubu on June 12



“As we remember the June 12 struggle we are challenged to guard our hard won democratic freedom and prevent any hijack or abuse of the very principles of constitutional democracy. This anniversary offers us another reminder that this country is one set for greatness. Chief Moshood Abiola the symbol of June 12 struggle is one of the greatest Nigerian to ever live.

“Through his life, we glean selfless service and commitment to people. Through his political struggle, we glean courage and incorrigible commitment to principles of the just, free and humane society. Today our democracy thrives on the selfless sacrifices he made. His politics was without bitterness and rancor.  His patriotism was devoid of tribal marks and nepotism. It will be said, here lies a man who did his duty on earth; it is what we should all strive for.

“We owe it to Abiola and all the fallen patriots of the June 12 struggle to make sure our democracy never falters and this current government succeeds. We must also make sure that the People remain the focus of our policy and politics. This is the commitment the new APC government has made to the people of this great country and by God’s grace we intend to keep it under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari”.


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