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Actor Desmond Elliot’s Political Baptism


By Tunde Rahman

Nollywood actor-turned politician Desmond Elliot has combined his two callings-entertainment and politics- with panache. As a lawmaker representing Surulere 1 Constituency in the Lagos State House of Assembly, Elliot has told whoever cares to listen that he is not quitting Nollywood, as Nigeria’s movie and entertainment industry is called. He said he would never leave but would rather use his position to uplift the industry. In Nollywood, he remains an A-List actor and producer, and remains one of the most sought-after in the industry.

Desmond Elliot

Elliot is understandably a rookie in politics, his election into the House being his first foray.

He had his political baptism of sort when one of his constituents took him up over the state of electricity in the area and wanted to know what he (Elliot), their representative in Alausa, had done in line with his promise. An exasperated Elliot told his constituent that he was not Power Holding Company of Nigeria to fix and provide electricity for them.

He said on his twitter handle:”Adeyi Samiat, I said I will do my best. I’m not PHCN my dear and I have been working hard at it. Patience and see.” Most of those who responded to Elliot’s tweet on social media upbraided him for that response. Elliot was brutally frank you might say but his response was not politically expedient. It reminds one of that cold and cruel reaction of former President Obasanjo to some Lagosians who had confronted him for coming late to the scene of the Ikeja Military Cantonment bomb blast in January 2002, which killed many Nigerians. “I don’t have to be here,” Obasanjo muttered when the angry crowd refused to listen to him.

I don’t know whether to commend or condemn Elliot for being blunt. It is just that the people are used to our tongue-in-cheek, run-of-the-mill politicians, who, confronted by such a challenge, would convene a news conference or place advertorials in newspapers to give a laborious presentation on what they have been doing about the issue in question. Meanwhile, they are not doing anything to ameliorate the sufferings of their people.

*Rahman, former Editor Thisday on Sunday, is Managing Editor of Western Post. You can follow him on twitter @tunderahmanu


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