By Olumide Lawal

The comment by the Omisore Campaign Organisation to the effect that the First Executive Governor of Osun State, Senator Isiaka Adeleke, instigated unprovoked assault on Police Affairs Minister, Alhaji Jelili Adesiyan, and Senator Iyiola Omisore is a blatant lie and without foundation whatsoever. It was just an attempt to drag the good name of Senator Isiaka Adeleke unjustly in the mud. The reported incident at Ideal-Nest Hotel, Osogbo on April 2, 2014 was to say the least a demonstration of desperation on the part of the Omisore Campaign Organisation to create unnecessary political tension within the PDP family and particularly create unjust harassment in a particular gubernatorial aspirant and his supporters for the party’s primary election held on Saturday, April 5, 2014.

Senator Adeleke throughout his political career and up till now has always preached politics without bitterness. He canvasses at all times peace, concord, amity and tolerance among politicians and their supporters. He came into the present race to salvage the badly dented image of PDP in Osun, occasioned by lack of transparency and maturity on the part of present PDP Exco in Osun to carry everybody along as stakeholders without bias. What thereforeis the rationale for the active involvement of a serving minister like Alhaji Jelili Adesiyan in the fortuneof a particular aspirant of PDP in the governorship primary when actually Alhaji Adesiyan should be seen to be superintending over the security of Nigerians and non- Nigerian alike across the 36 states of the federation. Why did the present Minister of Police Affair Alhaji Adesiyan become a biased chief security officer and openly identify with a particular aspirant against his oath of office to be fair to all. He subjected Senator Adeleke to unwarranted intimidation and harassment as it happened at Ideal-Nest Hotel on April 2.

Glory be to God that the Osun State Commissioner of Police, through a signed rejoinder by the Command PPRO, DSP Folashade Odoro, has denied ever telling any newspaper reporter that Senator Adeleke brought thugs to Ideal Nest-Hotel on April 2, 2014 to cause trouble. This reassuring message from our dutiful and patriotic commissioner of police has put a big lie to the ungodly impression created by Omisore Campaign organisation that Isiaka Adeleke is a “trouble-maker”. Where therefore did the Omisore campaign organisation get their fact “that the ex-governor stormed the hotel with thugs armed to the teeth”? Haba, let us play politics with absolute candour, love and tolerance for each other and everybody because at the end of the day, politicians will still pat themselves at the back.

Senator Adeleke after losing out to Senator Mudashir Hussen in the 2011 Osun West Senatorial election promptly wrote a congratulatory letter to the incumbent Senator and placed same on radio, television and print media. To Adeleke, seeking for a political office should not be a matter of life and death, if truly one wants to serve the people. What is the big deal in Senator Adeleke exchanging pleasantries with fellow party members, particularly the Minister of Police Affairs, Alhaji Jelili Adesiyan, whom Adeleke appointed Director-General in a ministry when he (Adeleke) was governor in 1992? Is that the way, Alhaji Adesiyan would pay back Senator Adeleke by been unduly rude to the latter on April 2, 2014 at the Ideal Nest Hotel? It was maturity on the part of Senator Adeleke that made him took the peaceful path as against what Omisore camp would want to have people believe. Alhaji Adesiyan should not have compromised himself so heavily as evidenced in his present support for Omisore, having become a federal minister. He should be called to order by Mr. President so as to enable Nigeria public have confidence in a sensitive post such as ministry of Police Affairs. Nigerians, particularly the presidency, should be alerted, that Alhaji Adesiyan should apply caution in the discharge of his duties as a Minister of Federal Republic of Nigeria , whose duty it is to protect all Nigerians & non-Nigerians alike. Election and indeed politicking should be an avenue to serve the people. We call for decorum on the part of Alhaji Adesiyan in the discharge of his duty as Police Affairs Minister. Somebody was there before him and somebody will come after you, Jelili Adesiyan. Posterity will judge.

It is out of place to tag Isiaka Adeleke an APC agent working to destabilize PDP. As a founding father of PDP, Senator Adeleke can never abandon the ship of the party. He is not a deserter or a quitter like some PDP big wigs did recently and left for other parties. Where is the evidence that some of Adeleke siblings registered for APC? What are their card numbers? Why should politics be this dirty? If Senator Adeleke decides to move to any other political party, he won’t do so in the dark, it will be done openly. But that is not the case and will not be. Adeleke is a loyal member of PDP and will stay with it through thick and thin. Adeleke, as an apostle of politics without bitterness, will not create enmity with anybody because of difference in the political parties they belong to. He has a large heart, which accommodates diversity of persons and opinions, not minding creed, colour, tribe or religion. He is not a sentimental politician who keeps people at bay.

The innuendoes and blatant lies being peddled by Omisore agents will soon collapse like a pack of cards. Truth is constant: Adeleke will stay with and in PDP and work for its progress. He was not scared away from the April 5, 2014 PDP governorship primaries but only took a patriotic decision because no life is worth losing over transient political posts. He is at peace with himself having taken that wise decision.

Senator Adeleke towers above been used by anybody or political party to bring PDP into disrepute. He will, however, not allow himself to be dictated to by some political contractors whose stock in trade is to trade away their integrity and future for a pot of porridge. The Presidency and indeed the National Headquarters of PDP should do the right thing fast by investigating the reported Ideal-Nest April 2, 2014 incident to know who the real culprits are. Again, Senator Adeleke will never shy away from associating with the good name of President Jonathan before, now and in the future. Senator Adeleke resides his hope in God Almighty. To come back as Osun governor is not a do or die matter for him. Being the first executive governor of Osun is a record forever, when those now clamouring to emerge as PDP candidate are nowhere near active politics in 1992.

We thank God that Senator Adeleke is alive to tell his own story of the unwarranted attack on him at Ideal-Nest Hotel on April 2, 2014 by agents of evil.


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