Recently, words were making the rounds from some unexpected, but exalted political quarters, within Osun State, that if I am voted in as the next governor of osun state, I will tamper with the land issue between Ede and Osogbo. This is a wicked lie, coming from some ill-informed people.

Let me take the minds of our people back to my time as the first executive governor of Osun State between 1992 and Nov. 1993. During that glorious era, I ensued, that, I maintained the status quo between the two great communities as far as that matter was concerned. I promised during my governorship campaigns in 1991, that I will be an OMOLAJA between Ede and Osogbo over such land issue. Towards that, I tried my best and nothing untoward happened between the two communities throughout my tenure as the first Executive Governor of Osun State.

If that were so then, why should I now, as a proud son-in-law of osogbo, with strong affinity with her people, make any overt or covert efforts to

turn the apple cart, when I realize and I am aware, that the rule of law and constitutional provisions are there to settle such matters, if and when they arise.

Outside the reign of power, I was involved one-way or the other, in effecting peace and harmony between warring communities through mediatory roles, because I enjoy the respect of such communities. I say it, with all emphasis at my disposal, that Osogbo is home to me anyday. I make no pretences about that. The people there love me and I love them in return. I move freely in the purely native areas of osogbo and they in turn embrace me with cordiality. It is therefore, the wildest imagination of those peddling the unfounded rumour, that I will be anti-osogbo, if elected the next governor of osun state, come August 9, 2014. That could not have been my pre-occupation.

During my tenure as governor, I saw to it, that loan was obtained from the WORLD BANK to commence the Western Bye- Pass road project in Osogbo, to make it truly, a befitting state capital, and de-congest the city center. It was entirety my idea. But it recalled that the IsiakaAdeleke freeway was started and completed by me.

I believe in equity, justice and fairness to all manners of people, without let or hindrance. My politics is one of love and not bitterness. I see all parts of osun state as my home and I will ensure, that we all continue to live in peace and harmony and our various political differences, settled amicably, without any violence. It is not worth the trouble, spilling blood over the pursuit of any political goal. Lives are precious to be wasted.

Osogboland will continue to enjoy my camaraderie.  Her people, my people.Her interest, my interests. Ditto for other towns & villages in osun state.

Let me, use this opportunity to appeal to mischief-makers to discuss issues, that touch positively on the lives of the down-trodden masses of our people, instead of unjust character assassination of political leaders, with a view to achieving cheap political goals.

Osun 2014 and my race towards BOLA IGE HOUSE is God’s own project. It is divine. It is a project, which time has come. The race should be friendly, rancour-free and not violence-bound from all actors.

We should be focused as PDP members, to enable us give President Goodluck Jonathan, a landslide vietory in his bid for a second-term in office. In Osun, our contributions toward the realization of that goal, start with voting a PDP candidate to take seat as the next governor in BOLA IGE HOUSE, come August 9, 2014. With all humility, I am that person.

For me, as Senator IsiakaAdeleke, I extend olive branches to all those, who might have perceived ill-feeling towards me, for one reason or the other, to please sheathe the swords and let us make it a family affair, since I dontclain to have a monopoly of wisdom, neither do I indulge in winners-take-all profile. It is work and eat.

It shall be life more abundant to all. I shall consolidate on whatever projects that are on-going by the present administration with milk of human kindness. My experience over the years and the joint fellowship of my people across the 30 LG Areas in Osun will see us through. In God we trust for this God’s own ordained project. Osun electorate are our rallying points.

I am proudly Osun. What of you !


Senator Isiaka A. Adeleke, CON

Asiwaju of Edeland, was the first Executive Governor of Osun State.


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