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Advice for Women Who Share Naked Pictures



I came across this video on facebook and I think  should share it with readers of In and around. Here is the text of the video presented by Dazzling Daizy:

‘’There is this stuff on facebook about a lady and a guy. I think they had a relationship and the lady pulled out. After the lady pulled out the guy decided to post all her naked pictures on facebook on social networks. Women, I want to warn us, stop sending your naked pictures to men. If they are your boyfriend let them come and see you and whatever you have there would be in their memory.

Some of us on BBM on whatsapp on facebook , you send all your naked pictures  all your stuff that you are supposed to cover, you send it free of charge to all these men. If you want to be a porn star, why don’t you go and join one or register your name and be a porn star and be making money rather than you sending all these pictures to guys and they post it for free.  You are not making money they are spoiling your image and some of us when we have sex with these guys, they record you putting your face because you are so deep in love and you are enjoying the thing, they will now record your face while you are naked all your everything out there for everybody.

The guy will be recording with you putting the thing in your mouth the guy is recording it and keeping it on his phone for one day that the whole relationship will turn sour. But you know what I want to tell you,  you as a woman why don’t you tell the guy himself to stand up as a man, put his face on  the camera put his thing out live and direct and see if he would allow you to record him. He wouldn’t, but you women will fall for it, thinking the guy love you so much and you put yourself out there. Please stop letting them use us women.

Now back to you guys, men what is wrong with you? It’s only a sick man that will do that because the girl has finally told you that she is tired of the whole situation, she wants to move on, now you decide to start posting those pictures you have taken while you guys were in love, blackmailing her, thinking if you post it she will never get another man. You know what, you are a weak man. What has that got to do, your posting it trying to spoil her image trying to destroy her. This is absolute nonsense.

Stop taking naked pictures (women) stop allowing all these men take your picture naked telling you that they want to be looking at it anytime they miss you. If they miss you they should come and see you, I don’t even know why they will be asking you to send naked pictures. This is becoming so ridiculous.

I feel so sorry for this lady, but you have to move on with your life, close that chapter and get on with your life. You can imagine any of our children seeing this picture of their mother, or the siblings seeing a picture of the sister on social network. I think we need to address this issue, if your husband says send me naked pictures, tell him he should come home and you will be naked on the bed for him. Your husband might not post that picture, but what if he loses the phone? If that happens, trust men that picture will be everywhere’’.


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