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Agbekoya, OPC, Afenifere Threaten Ekiti, Osun Polls, Demand Regionalism


Yoruba pressure groups, Agbekoya farmers, Oodua Peoples Congress, Afenifere and others, have said elections would not hold in Osun and Ekiti states unless the South-West was recognised as a region.
The Yoruba pressure groups said this on Thursday in Ibadan where they met to review the state of the nation particularly, as it concerns the South-West.
In a communiqué signed by 109-year-old Agbekoya chieftain, Ayalu Olalere, the group threatened that it would mobilise Yoruba people to pull out of the 1914 amalgamation that gave birth to Nigeria as a nation.
The communiqué said, “We give notice that unless our demands for a stronger and more virile nation are accepted, Yoruba people will pull out of the 1914 amalgamation treaty that gave birth to Nigeria. We reject the present constitution of the Federal Government until so amended to fulfill our expectations in Yoruba land.
“We demand, as a first step, the restructuring of the country to give us a region in Yoruba land before any election is conducted in Yoruba land. Immediate notice is served on Ekiti and Osun states. All true sons and daughters of Yoruba land must immediately imbibe and adhere to this call for freedom and unity of Yoruba land in the spirit of the Yoruba Parapo Treaty. Take note that saboteurs and traitors will reap their benefits in the land of Oduduwa.”
The group also stated that it would do everything within the law to free the region from poverty and bad governance bedevelling it.
“Yoruba people worldwide begin a series of actions considered fit and within the ambits of the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the charter of the United Nations freedom to free Yoruba land from the shackles of poverty and corruption, bad governance and breakdown of law and order as we are presently experiencing in Nigeria,” the communiqué said.


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