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Ahead 2019 Ogun Guber Poll: Kashamu, Gbenga Daniel in Hot Exchanges


The battle of wits between two major gladiators in Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel and Senator Buruji Kashamu, intensified on Monday with exchange of words between the two.

It is all in the build-up to the 2019 governorship poll in the state. Daniel, the former governor of the state, had met some stakeholders which included Senator Adeola Yahyi and Hon. Ladi Adebutu, two of the known governorship aspirants in the state in a bid to build consensus for the poll.

It was a bi-partisan thing. This infuriated Kashamu, the acclaimed PDP leader in the South-west. He fired former governor Daniel in a post on WhatsApp.

Kashamu’s acidic and abusive post and Daniel mature response is reproduced below:

Buruji Kashamu

“Good day OGD. A fool at 40 will forever be a fool. If you think you and your foolish boys have taken over PDP in Ogun State, you are wasting your time. You and your boys do not even have what it takes to have it.

“If two giants at the national level fought and one lost, how does that translate to your victory in Ogun State that is making you with your foolish boys who do not know a thing to be rejoicing? You are a political jobber. You are involved in anti-party activities by anchoring Yayi’s governorship ambition. Yayi is of the APC.

“You also claim to be promoting Ladi Adebutu’s. Although Ladi has SDP in his pocket as his last resort, I wonder why he has allowed himself to be fooled by you who refused to give him a ticket during your eight year reign as governor. You goaded him to fight the structure that gave him the ticket to actualise his over 12 years ambition. Very soon, his eyes will be opened and he will realise that he had been dinning with a devil. His father is good man and ordinarily his son should reap from his father’s goodwill. But it is not by fighting the structure that made him to realise his ambition. He never informed the structure of his ambition.

“You are also dragging Bankole, whose father is also the BOT chairman of ADP, into the fray. The same Bankole that you did everything to sink politically. You are full of deceit and anti-party activities. I do not even know what makes you think you can achieve what you could not do as a sitting governor.

“Apoda, oponu aye rada. Ten thousand OGD and his dogs cannot take over Ogun PDP. We are on it. We shall see who will laugh last.” – SPBK

OGD’s Response:

“Build up to the 2007 election, to stabilize the Party, the leadership across board statewide, decided that all elective officials should be allowed a second term. This is sequel to the UPN strategy in 1983 under Chief Awolowos leadership. So Apostle Salako was supported to go for the second term despite Ladi Adebutu’s bid. It was not about money then.

“The strategy paid off, as the Party won all the elective positions in Ogun state without any exception and non of the elections was overturned in any court. The PDP in Ogun State was the model in Party organization and good governance nationwide. May God return our Party to such wining ways again. Amen.

“Most of the Losers were fully compensated including Ladi who was appointed as a Commisioner in the Local Govt Service Commision after the election in 2007. This experience prepared him for the great job he is now doing at the National Assembly as the Chairman of LG Committee in the Hs of Rep.

“Dateline 2011, all other Aspirants were asked to drop their ambition to support Ladi for the Hs of Rep. These Aspirants included Hon Fatai Sowemimo, Prince Niyi Akisanya and Hon John Obafemi who was asked to settle for the House of Assembly which he won. I virtually took over Ladi’s campaign in 2015 and thank God he won squarely.

“This is just by way of setting the records straight.

“I know that it’s OGD that many of our people see in their dreams everyday even when I have been doing more of looking than acting.

” The responsibility that I have (having waited for several years hoping the winning ways will return) however is that as the main Builder of the Party brand in Ogun State, I have relationship with virtually everyone in every camp which cannot be wished away. They are all my people and I am determined to rebuild, enlarge and reunite that formidable machinery for the task ahead. So help us God.

“I therefore once again appeal to all to stop petty bickering, ‘delete and erase’, close rank and let us move forward.

“Warm regards to all.” – OGD


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