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Airtel Touches More Lives with ‘It’s Now’ Campaign


In a bid to help African youths live their dreams, Airtel, a leading telecommunication service provider and the largest supporter of grassroots football in Africa, has unveiled the ‘It’s Now’ campaign. The campaign which has Yaya Toure, Africa’s best footballer of the year, as brand ambassador, seeks to nurture and grow talents in Africa while providing customers with access to connectivity and technological solutions that will enable them explore opportunities around them.

Airtel’s ‘It’s Now’ campaign further reiterates the company’s vision of connecting inspired Africans to knowledge and opportunities. Available through multiple channels, including television, print and radio platforms, the campaign also shines the spotlight on the company’s commitment to help people succeed, as well as providing tools and resources that will enable them to achieve their dreams.

Speaking on the new campaign, Segun Ogunsanya, MD/CEO, Airtel Nigeria, said Airtel understands that people’s desire to succeed is outstripped by their ability to access the needed resources. He noted that Airtel, an ambitious front-runner in the technology industry has helped millions of Africans plug into the global community. “We push the boundaries of technology, constantly innovating and drawing on our entrepreneurial spirit to provide our customers a window to the world. This commitment to Africa’s success finds its expression in the launch of our new campaign, It’s Now.  Airtel takes the expression of our belief in the power of Africa’s potential to the next level by giving them tangible, aspiration call to action”.

“At Airtel, our core values echo this dedication to our customer’s success.  Our mission is to provide them the tools they need to propel this great continent into the future.  Our values drive the way we interact with our customers and with each other. We are Alive.  We act with passion, energy and a can-do attitude. Innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit drive us. We are inclusive. We champion diversity; anticipating, adapting and delivering solutions that enrich the lives of the communities we serve. We are respectful. We share the joy and pain of our customers. We act with humility and are always open and honest”, he added.

On the choice of Yaya Toure as pan-African brand ambassador, he said the Ivory Coast born player has been making soccer history since he started playing in 2001and thus serves as a beacon of inspiration, showing that with hard work and dedication one can achieve his dreams.

“Touré is respected in Africa and beyond. As the first player to win African Player of the Year for four consecutive times, he is an inspiration to everyone working to achieve their potential and striving to be their best every day.

We would like everyone to experience our cutting edge technology at their fingertips. To enable them pursue their passions wherever it may take them, because their dreams are our dreams too.   We all dream of an Africa without bounds; boundless knowledge, boundless creativity, boundless love, and boundless opportunities. The time to live your dream is now and Airtel will be your partner in achieving those dreams”.

According to Dele Anifowoshe, General Manager Brands, Airtel Networks Limited, “we are not just a service provider but we want to go the extra step and see how these products and services help you to succeed in your daily life. There is no time better than the present to start living your dreams. This is why the call of the campaign is, ‘It’s Now.’ Now is the time to live your dreams. Now is the time to start that project, apply for that job, learn that skill or make that change. Now is the time you leave old ways behind for newer, smarter and faster ways. Take that step now and let Airtel be your partner in making your dreams come true”.

During this campaign, Airtel will give out one million naira daily for the next 60 days. Loyal subscribers will be rewarded with prizes and cash worth over 200 million naira during the course of the campaign.

Since its debut in the African market in 2010, Airtel Africa has steadily increased its customer base in Africa to reach over 70 million people. Airtel currently has Africa’s widest 3G footprint across 17 countries, coupled with the widest mobile commerce footprint in Africa.


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