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Why Did Ajimobi Move out of Government House?


Everywhere I go, busy bodies and close watchers of the governor are asking this question.

Governor Abiola Ajimobi has relocated to his Oluyole Estate, Ring Road, Ibadan residence, which now serves as temporary Government House, I guess you know that, what you may not know is the reason behind the move.

Grapevine sources said the governor was instructed by some marabouts (I guess with “supernatural” powers) to move out of the Agodi Government House temporarily until after the election.

They said the marabouts drew the attention of the governor to the fact that all the former governors who lived in the Government House till the end of their first term in office never got re-elected.

Therefore, for the amiable governor to make a return to the Government House come May 29 this year, he was directed to move to his personal house from where he would coordinate political activities, contest, win and return to the Government House. Shikena!

Does it not make some sense.

But another version has it that by moving out of Government House, Governor Ajimobi was already preparing his mind for life after public office. They said he was trying to get used to his normal lifestyle before becoming governor, in readiness for anything, anything, as my people would say.

Whether the exodus of the governor came from a so-called spiritual directive or in preparation for life out of office, the governor has not come out to state why he left Agodi for Oluyole, may be after reading this piece, Mr. Ajimobi will clear the air on this issue.


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