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ALAT by Wema Beautifies Murtala Muhammed Airport


Wema Bank’s ALAT, Africa’s first fully digital bank went all out to excite travelers flying out of Lagos with the ALAT airport mural.

According to the lender, the ALAT mural sprang out of an understanding of how traveling evokes different emotions in different people – excitement, paranoia, fear, anxiety, to list a few, and the need for them to hold on to the memories that matter to them.

The statement stated that, “The ALAT brand has positioned itself and been known to be the brand that no only offers Nigerians convenient banking services but that also supports their lifestyle.”

In the word’s the bank’s Chief Communications Officer, Funmilayo Falola, for ALAT and Wema Bank, marketing is more than just the direct sale of a product or service, it is about creating an experience for the customer.

She stated that infusing conversations and storytelling into advertising and marketing communications is one of the strategies the bank is applying to engage existing customers and gain new ones.

The statement explained further that, “The ALAT airport mural is one of the many ways the bank expresses its deep-seated interest in the stories and overall lifestyle of its expanding customer base.

“The mural is dedicated to the many and widely varying Lagos experiences across both the Mainland and the Island.

“The new boarding gate look at MM2 gives boarders a walk-through of iconic places in Lagos for travelers, who are often filled with a mirage of emotions at the point of leaving a place for another.

“At the ALAT mural, they can identify places they are familiar with in Lagos, maybe have a flash of unforgettable memories they’ve had in those places or remember what those places mean to them and have a pretty background to take one or two selfies before they board to fly out of Lagos.

“The ALAT airport mural is also very strategic for people who are new to Lagos. Its showcases the many places in Lagos in a perfect blend of images and text.

“This is also a way for Wema Bank to help departing visitors visualize many places that they may not have had the opportunity to visit during their stay.

“The colourful tones, the iconic places captured and the symbols of the new Lagos culture on the mural come together to give both traveling Lagosians and departing visitors a feel of Lagos as they make their way out of the city. This ties into the values of the ALAT brand of providing convenient banking services that are in sync with the lifestyle of their customers.

“So the next time, you find yourself at MM2, look out for your favourite spot in Lagos and remember to take a selfie and share on your social media platforms.”


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