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Amber Rose Can’t Remember the Number of Men She Has Slept With, Admitting, ‘I Have Been Around the Block’


Amber Rose

Amber Rose has dated A-list stars such as Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, but the model admits she cannot remember how many men she has slept with in total.

The precocious star made the frank admission on The Amber Rose show which she hosts on VH1, saying: “I’m 32-years-old, I’ve been around the block a few times, I’m not going to sit there and count, report the Daily Mail

“Especially all the times I said he could put the head in, then take it out, does that count?” she asked brashly.

Rose made the comments in conversation with hip-hop star Ty Dolla Sign, a close friend of Khalifa’s and her guest on Friday night’s show (August 26).

The rapper responded positively, saying the number of partners a woman has had is irrelevant to him, so long as her personality is worthy.

“It’s kind of corny, it doesn’t matter that much… if she says 10 that means about 100 right?” he quipped, speculating that some women “hold back” in the bedroom for fear of being slut-shamed.

Amber agreed with this, claiming that the situation is made worse by the fact that men rarely satisfy women to the same degree in the bedroom.

“I feel like I have to masturbate in front of a guy to show him exactly how it’s done,” she explained, sympathising with an audience member who spoke out about her troubles achieving orgasm with her boyfriend.

“I’m like ‘right there’ and then he moves and I’m like ‘why did you move?'” Rose continued.

The former stripper turned model and TV personality, who made headlines this year by claiming her ex, West, liked a finger in “his a*s,” is known for her open discussions about sex and relationships on the show.

The episode also featured a debate on the double standards women face regarding infidelity. Rose, who battled claims Khalifa cheated on her during their time together – accusations he has since denied – was unequivocal in her views.

“Why are men allowed to have mistresses and why aren’t women allowed to have… there’s not even a word for it, side d**k?” she asked. “We [women] are smart enough to not let the men find out, I feel like guys get so sloppy.”

The author of How To Be a Bad B***h concluded “Women have an intuition, if he lies we know… sometimes we in denial like ‘he wouldn’t do that to me’… but at the same time we like ‘b***h I know he did that’.”

Wiz Khalifa

The episode brought the first season of the Amber Rose Show to a close, and, despite proving popular, it is yet to be confirmed whether it will be recommissioned for a second season.

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