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AMEEN Estate CEO Calls for Repealing of Land Use Act, Wants Land Ownership Transfer to Citizens



The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Redbrick Homes International Limited, owner of AMEEN Estate, Mr Babatunde Gbadamosi, has called for the repeal of the Land Use Act to enable citizens to own their lands, saying that it would have positive effect on the socio-economic growth and development of Nigeria.

Gbadamosi, who stated this at a Real Estate Practitioners Award Night held in Civic Centre, Lagos, while speaking with newsmen, stressed that the current Land Use Act was made to take ownership of land from the people to the state governments.

“The Land Use Act has unsalutory effect of taking away the ownership of land from the people of Nigeria and handing it over to the governors of the states. It has affected the possibility of economic growth in the country”

“Government needs to repeal the law so as to bring about economic growth and development in Nigeria”

Gbadamosi added that it had been difficult for the people to get ‘Certificate of Occupancy’ in states of the federation, stating that the Land Use Act was not a perfect system.

He stressed that it is until the Land Use Act is repealed that people would have free ownership of their lands.

” The Land Use Act does not guarantee the security of the tittle because the governors who issued it, have the right to revoke it.


” For the system not working, should be another reason why the Land Use Act be repealed. The Land Use Act is not a perfect system and it is something we will work with for the time being until we repeal it “, said Gbadamosi


“Until that time, the system as it is, should be made to work”, said Gbadamosi


Speaking on the invasion of court by the Department of State Security(DSS),  Gbadamosi condemned the action of the security operatives, saying that the agency should understand that the country is run under a democratic system and so they should act based on democratic principle of respecting the rule of law.


” They need to retrace their steps, this is a democracy not a military dictatorship but they are acting as if they are in a military rule”, said Gbadamosi


Commenting on the proposed establishment of electoral offences commission, the Real Estate expert cum politician, said the amendment to the electoral Act should have been signed by President Muhammadu Buhari but he refused , saying that the 2019 general elections, Bayelsa and Kogi governorship elections had shown the intention of the president for not signing the amended electoral Act.


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